Spain breaks the curse of the day 13

España rompe la maldición del día 13

Last update 25 October, 2021 por Alberto Llopis

Spain had never won in a day 13, at least until that day in June 2016 when Piqué, He broke a header against the Czech Republic curse the day 13. Until then, World both as Eurocopas, the day 13 It had been marked as a day jinx for the interests of the Spanish soccer team.

He 1-5 against the Netherlands, conceded a 13 de junio de 2014 is the worst in the finals of a major championship after 6-1 also conceded a day 13 de julio de 1950 in Maracana, also in a World Cup and also in Brazil. España, leaving no trace that a meeting from 2007, there had officially lost a game like never, except that friendly that there was another 13 de junio de 1963 at the Santiago Bernabeu and ended with 2-6 selection for Scotland.

And if that was not enough, el 13 de junio de 1990, Spain goalless draw with Uruguay in the World Cup in Italy 90. He 13 de junio de 1998 Nigeria was reminded that Spain (2-3) in the first match of the World Cup in France the day 13 It was a fateful day for the Spanish box. He 13 de junio de 2000 It was the day of the 'sung' Molina against Norway that cost the defeat to Spain in the first match of the Euro. With the goal of Pique curse the day breaks 13 and finally Spain, You can say he won in a day with a number as indicated by bad luck in general.

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