Jari Litmanen, one of the great players who could not succeed at Barca

Jari Litmanen, one of the great players who could not succeed at Barca
Jari Litmanen did not succeed at Barcelona despite being one of the best players in Europe in the 90. PHOTO: Sports world

Jari Litmanen He triumphing with the shirt of that Ajax Amsterdam champion of Europe in the mid 90 . Finnish, It was at that time one of the most coveted players of the old continent. Lois Van Gaal who knew him to have it to spare their ranks at Ajax and Barcelona had already taken the De Boer, Traveler, Kluivert y Bogarden, He decided to incorporate another of his pupils.

Jari Litmanen was one of the best players in the world in the mid 90

born on 20 February 1971 in cold Finland, Upon arrival at Barcelona 1999 was viewed favorably because of the great reputation he had earned in previous years but the truth is that the Finnish technical player despite not having fulfilled at this time the 30 years, he was far from his best.

It did not become a fixed place in the Dutch scheme largely due to injury. A shame because it was a player of the highest level. Over, passing through Barcelona coincided with one of the worst periods in the history of Barcelona and its maximum defender Van Gaal, He left the club in the summer 2000, very moved at the club FC Barcelona, It is checked with other players who had brought the Dutch.

Litmanen passing by the club no trace left.
Litmanen passing by the club no trace left. PHOTO: Sport

It was still a few months in Barcelona and in the winter market 2001 He marched towards the Liverpool and was playing in various clubs up 2012 when he retired in his country and with 40 compliments plugs. prior to 39 years and 27 years had had time to be the oldest to score a goal in qualifying for Euro player and that about forty, it was still the leader of the national team. It not for nothing is the best player in the history of Finland.

A step by his Spanish League, which practically it was forgotten because of the great prestige that reached its lack of relevance to team up, He gained nothing during his time as FC Barcelona player. We could say in this case that reached the wrong place at the wrong time place. And he was not the only one.

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