FC Barcelona 5- Real Madrid 0: Romario classic 1994

FC Barcelona 5- Real Madrid 0: el clásico de Romario en 1994
Romario was the star of the Clásico 1994. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

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The classic call between Barcelona and Real Madrid always for the world. The hundreds of thousands of fans of both teams live that week otherwise with another intensity. The match between these two giants is always misnamed the “match of the century”. So that, each season are played several matches of the century. we want to remember the Classic of 1994.

The Classic of 1994, Romario's exhibition

It happened in January of 1994, when Real Madrid led by Benito Floro, arrived at the Camp Nou to face the Dream Team the Johan Cruyff.

In the last season of that legendary team built by Cruyff (from the following, the team was going slowly decomposing), Barca received a Real Madrid of the most limited and poor quality is remembered in its long history. To one of the worst sets in its history without a doubt. The match, had practically no history, was a steamroller for the Cruyff team that at that time, was far superior.

Romario he put on his boots scoring three goals, one of them, anthological sitting at Rafa Alkorta and showing the world the mythical dribble of cow tail. Basque will be several decades later, still seeking her waist. Ronald Koeman y Ivan They completed a scandalous win that stung and hurt Real Madrid in equal parts.

Interestingly the following year, in January 1995, Real Madrid would show off the saying where they take it and give the same result in the Classic of 1995 where the one who would do the hattrick and remain for the memory would be Iván Zamorano. Curiously, Luis Enrique scored one of the 5 Real Madrid goals a year and a half before signing for the Culé club.

A man was the protagonist of both games and that was none other than Michael Laudrup. The Dane won the 2 matches for 5 a 0 Well, he played one like culé (1994) and another as a madridista (1995).

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