Real Madrid 5- FC Barcelona 0: Zamorano classic 1995

Real Madrid 5- FC Barcelona 0: Zamorano classic 1995
The Classic of revenge was that of Zamorano. PHOTO: capture Youtube

The Classic of 1995 it was the one of the revenge of Real Madrid, The match where the madridistas returned the humiliation suffered 1 year before. if in the of 1994 the star was Romario with his hattrick, in the case of 1995 It was Iván Zamorano who made his triplet.

The Classic of 1995, the night of Iván Zamorano

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, that tit, take them. The same must have thought Real Madrid fans that cold night in January 1995 when his team endorsed a rout of scandal to his eternal rival and step, avenged the outrage had occurred a year earlier.

If in January 1994 the manita was from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid, just a year later, the 7 of January of 1995, Real Madrid took revenge on Barcelona. And curiously visiting Barcelona Real Madrid feud almost a year after humiliating Real Madrid in the Nou Camp. If the Classic of 1994 It was Romario who destroyed the madridistas, in January 1995 it was the chilean Ivan Zamorano, who crushed networks defended the goal by Busquets. The Chilean, on a spectacular night a hattrick was scored that destroyed Cruyff's team and confirmed that the “Dream Team” It was beginning to end. He was the hero of Classic of 1995.

Amavisca and Luis Enrique, kissing the madridista shield in the celebration of the goal and barcelonista icon shortly after, They closed a rout of scandal. As a curiosity, the winner of both matches was Michael Laudrup, because he played two games, one on each team, but always on the side of the winners and giving assists both parties in the goals. The Great Dane.

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