Neither the Classic Barcelona-Real Madrid gets rid of Thebes times

Neither the Classic Barcelona-Real Madrid gets rid of Thebes times
Barcelona and Madrid will contest his party's naptime for the first time without the duel Messi-Cristiano. PHOTO: Sports world


The football world will stop, the n th century and a half game be replayed, the so-called Classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid both like millions of fans and will be held next 28 October at the Camp Nou, Barcelona feud. Although this match media as a feature that already had a couple of years, It will be held at nap time to enjoy the Asian audience but not the Spanish.

A classic that besides not escape the strange and inauspicious times policy of the League of Thebes, will be the first 9 years will not have the rivalry between two of this century's best numbers in hand. And with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo it did last summer Juventus, Messi will not have their usual duel with the Portuguese that has remained for nearly a decade. Something that will change and much predictions betting and possibly by the time, the audience will fall duel.

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A party that has not disappointed the last few years and has a more even than it seems balance and last year lost a little gas to be played with the championship already decided long ago in favor of the Catalans. A party that if things do not change in the next day, comes with a terrible slump results of both teams has prompted the League 2018-19, He has started more equal than ever.

In this link you can review data on the latest clashes and last matches of both teams already provided almost like a transcendental grief and head of Julen Lopetegui, Real coach possibly involved.

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