A youth team leaving the field after racist insults one of his players

A youth team leaving the field after racist insults one of his players
The CF Historics Marxalenes neighborhood in Valencia, It is a school that has a wide range of nationalities. Photo: Facebook CF Historics.

Barbarity in the world of youth football unrelieved. This time the case comes from the region of Valencia in a match of youth. After the embarrassing video of the fight between parents in Mallorca where the parents of the players lost control and became embroiled shock, an incident which unfortunately a long list of atrocities is added, It comes as the umpteenth nonsense and should be concerned as a society. Parents able to insult and devote all racist barbarities a boy 15-16 years to the point that the poor kid broke to mourn and his team quite rightly decided to leave the field.

It happened in the youth game between San Lorenzo de Massamagrell, team a town near Valencia and Valencia Historics, Marxalenes neighborhood of the city of Valencia played at home first. Jhon, a kid of color in old cadet who had come to lend a hand in the youth B Historics, It was a victim of such regrettable facts that give sheer embarrassment. The poor kid broke mourn inconsolably absence of 15 minutes remaining and such an attitude, Marxalenes team decided to leave the field. At that moment, They earned 1-2 but that was before the humiliation and suffering the player did not matter.

Fortunately parents Historics, Jhon team, They did not enter the cloth before the madmen or energúmenas who were able to humiliate a teenager who was only doing what he likes, play football, for the sake of having another skin type. Football is passion, it says someone who is football coach and writes these lines but must be respected rival because in the end we are all people and in these categories where these things forever mark.

The mother of one of the partner Jhon with whom we contacted described to us the event as the worst thing that has ever lived in the world of football to the point of not being able to stop mourn to see what was suffering the companion of her son. Those who know the neighborhood Marxalenes in Valencia, They know precisely the Historics, club from the merger between Parreta and Marxalenes, It is a club that has a melting pot of nationalities where Obviously, tolerance and rejection of racism is one of the hallmarks, as it should be in every school football world.

The club Historics, after learning that his youthful team B decided to abandon the field to such a regrettable incident, he took an official statement supporting the decision to his coach and players and denouncing the racist lamentable fact that once again the dirty world of grassroots football. Something that unfortunately is not happening in Spain, without going any further recently had the terrible news of the death of a football coach in Argentina after being attacked by a relative of a player.  Just unfortunate.

With this release announced the club Valencia Historics I suffered for his player in the field of San Lorenzo de Massamagrell.
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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