Football and life goes on

Dear hanging,

This week that is gone, leaves a devastating void in many families from all walks of life in this society in which we live. The tragic accident that we experienced last Wednesday day 24 of July 2013, eve of our Patron Santiago Apostle, He has not respected or ages, no sex, no nationalities; nothing has mattered to the ill-fated railway accident experienced in our country, the worst in recent 40 years. Of course, no one is immune to this immense misfortune that has been left on the road, wills, prospects, delusions; endless wishes from many people, who has seen his life cut short, and all fruit to a sum of human errors.

In, We have not witnessed this ill-fated accident impassively, that has been carried forward 78 people and others 35 in very serious condition. Surely many of the deceased were football fans, followers of his soul team, and that from this earthly space he will no longer be able to enjoy and suffer from the vicissitudes of the next league season. It is impossible to describe the immense pain of relatives who have lost their loved ones, but life goes on and I would like to play a comment on Facebook, that I have found it gratifying and exciting:

These tragedies move us because we see them close, and they scare us, but perhaps they will also help us to realize that we are here, that we are still here, that life is a brief privilege, that there are things we could do and that we always leave for later, How to call that friend we haven't seen for so long, or tell that special someone how important they are in our life. Or spend some time walking, breathing, to observe, enjoying everything everyday, of what is known to us and so often ignored. Those things. It's nice to get something positive out of things, no matter how terrible they are. It's how we improve.

we want from here, show our solidarity, our condolences to all relatives and even to those people who have been alone and have no one, from here we will pray for them. We stay,We will follow the goals of each day, We will try to talk about football every day, which is our passion, and we will dedicate the best we have to this wonderful sport., exalting those who remain and those who are no longer with us. In memory of all of them.

Sergio Barres

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