Football, fans and arbitration robberies: the summary of the week

Dear hanging:

We are just in the seventh day of the Liga BBVA and as I have been saying in recent weeks, the League begins to dissolve due to the lack of competitive interest in the fight for the title, the economic differences are abysmal between the first teams and those in the middle of the table. Only Atlético de Madrid seems to shed some light on a championship destined (controversial arbitrations through) fingers.

Seems to be, that the Government through Miguel Cardenal, the president of the Higher Sports Council, is going to take action in this bloody affair for a daunting competition. The intended solution will be from the season 2016/2017, where equalize the existing inequality between Real Madrid and Barcelona with more than 130 million euros against the 12 of most of the teams that make up the League seems like a difficult arduous task. The LFP intends to reach the 1000 millions of euros, for this, its main objective is to end piracy.

To those of us who live with concern this anomalous situation of a decaffeinated competition, we wish it was next season. Can't wait another minute. The exodus of football fans from the fields and from television is very evident, each year this bloodletting will be suffered if we do not act immediately and the result will be disastrous. I am surprised that the LFP intends to increase the amount to be distributed, Wouldn't it be better to lower the price and for us fans to be able to access the fields with more affordable tickets??.

I would also like to talk about a piece of news that has caught my attention in the competition of our Portuguese neighbors,. the fifth day, gave rise to the match between Victoria Guimaraes and Benfica . With numerical advantage, Benfica defeated Vitória de Guimaraes at home (0-1) with a goal from the Paraguayan Óscar Cardozo. Benfica did not show their best game and we had to wait for the second half and to have a numerical advantage to win after the expulsion of the Ghanaian Addy in the minute 61. In the minute 73, the top foreign scorer in the history of Benfica, Cardozo, directed a ball taken from a corner and the ball went into the net, giving victory to his team.

The news is reproduced, when the emblematic coach Jorge Jesús, in an act of gratitude towards the followers, at the end of the meeting, he instructed his players to distribute their shirts among the people from Lisbon who had followed his team on that trip. A few jumped onto the pitch ( match finished) to opt for the shirts of their idols. It seems that this approach was considered by the security forces as an invasion, a group of agents tackling some of the benfiquista fans.

Coach Jorge Jesus, came out in his defense trying to calm the attitude of the forces of order, an act in favor of the fans that can cost him a suspension from his duties for a period of between one month and three years, according to federal regulations. Obviously, We hope that all this remains in an unimportant fact, that the Portuguese authorities do not intervene in a minor incident after the conclusion of a football match, where some fans only wanted a shirt sweated by one of their idols.

I will finish my comments today, with the arbitrations that day after day are a source of unnecessary controversy for the game, but so mediatic for the yellow sports press. I am not going to enter into assessments of what happened in the arbitration by Mr.. Muñiz Fernández and what happened at the Martínez Valero in the match between Elche and Real Madrid. The whole world has witnessed in person and on television the flagrant refereeing error in awarding a non-existent penalty in the last second of a match that should have ended in a draw.

This mistake has only fueled the ghosts of the fixes, favoritism towards the greats and the impotence of the modest teams of this adulterated League. As I said at the beginning, we hope that for the good of football, from the Higher Sports Council important steps are taken to balance, clean up and remove the doubts that unfortunately many football fans have about our competition.

Sergio Barres

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