The accounts of the decline in Spanish League

Last update 2 December, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

The accounts of the decline in Spanish League they are burning. It can only be one. The phrase from the film The Immortals is ideal to explain the situation that this weekend is going to live for four teams and four cities.

Four teams are involved in the fight for relegation in the BBVA League and three places await for the descent into the hells of Second. Only one will breathe easy this Saturday, only one will remain in the elite one more season.

In the absence of a day for the end of the League, the classification marks that Deportivo with 35, Celta and Zaragoza with 34 and Mallorca with 33 they will risk their lives this next Saturday. Let's review the combinations.

The last day has these games in the relegation zone: Mallorca-Valladolid, Zaragoza-Atlético de Madrid, Celta-Espanyol and Deportivo-Real Sociedad. Deportivo depends on itself. If he wins the Royal Society, would be saved. These are the cases.

Así están las cuentas del descenso


– The only one who depends on himself; si gana, salvado: ninguno de los implicados llegaría a los 38 points.

– If it ties, it is saved if neither Celta nor Zaragoza win, because any of them, if it expires, would do 37 points.

– And lose, is saved if Mallorca does not win or if Zaragoza and Celta draw at the same time (win the triple point tie with them) or that Celta draw and Zaragoza lose.


– If he loses or draws, he falls because he is harmed in the triple draw with Zaragoza and Deportivo and also in particular with Depor.

– Si gana, He needs Deportivo not to win; if Zaragoza does it, it doesn't matter: He beats him in the particular goalaverage.


– Come down if you lose.

– If tie, it also goes down, Unless Deportivo and Celta lose and Mallorca does not win, what, en ese caso, I would surpass everyone with 36 points.

– Si gana, To stay in the First Division, he needs not even Deportivo win, which I would not reach in points, nor the Celtic, with which in case of equality loses in the goalaverage: Celta won 2-1 in Balaídos and 0-1 in La Romareda.


– If you lose or tie, comes down, because in those cases it would never reach Deportivo, con 35 points, the only team of the four involved that is now not in relegation positions.

– Si gana, He would remain in the First Division as long as Deportivo loses, which then would surpass at a point, and neither Zaragoza nor Celta win, because whichever of the two wins would add 37, one point more than vermilion if they win.


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