comunio: online soccer game par excellence

comunio: online soccer game par excellence

Comunio is the game of choice for football fans, Created in Germany 2001, has spread worldwide with more than 1.000.000 of "Hanged" playing every day of the year. Your Creator, Fabian Loschek, defines' Comunio’ as "an exciting online football game lineups based on current players and teams Primera Division professional leagues in other countries like Germany, England and Turkey. It is played by communities, with friends or random players, and it requires skill in managing, in purchases and sales of players, a good knowledge of the current situation, since you have a new lineup every week ". It is not suitable for playing "no freaks".

It is played worldwide Comunio, although it is in Germany where there are more registered users. Spain is the 2nd in the ranking with more users, the game is raging in our country, as it is among the 150 most visited websites, with an average of 500.000 daily visits.

Among the competitions are Comunio offers: BBVA League, Liga Adelante, Bundesliga (German), 2. Bundesliga (German second division), Bundesliga (Austrian), A series (Italian) Premier League (English), Super League (Turkish), Sagres League (Portuguese), Series A (Brazilian), to which must be added the Champions League competitions and the World Cup. But Comunio is not only dedicated football, also lovers Formula 1 You can enjoy this game online. Comunio exist around many websites, forums and blogs where you can see all the statistics and opinions about the game.

Comunio has millions of followers in the network.
Comunio has millions of followers in the network.

Comunio is played in real time, the most prestigious sports dailies in each country punctuate each player according to their performance in the match of each day. For example, In England, The game uses the scoring system tabloid "The Sun". In Spain is the daily rate As the manager of the Leaguers, made very controversial denounced in many Internet forums, due to the bias of this newspaper with some teams and players.

There are other football games online, the veteran and newer Hattrick other as Netliga, but the king in Europe, without a doubt, comunio. Futboleras few conversations with friends that always discussed to see who is the "Sage of the Clique". This game gives the opportunity to show who is the most knowledgeable of the beautiful game, with the facilities that gives you play from your home and the atmosphere that is created competitiveness, especially when you play with your friends. Many PC Football fans played in the years 90', but the differences between a game and another are abysmal. Starting with the amenities offered Internet, a tool not well developed at that time.

Comunio also has detractors, behind each player is usually a girlfriend, angry woman or mother. There is a Facebook group defending one of these groups, called “Not to Comunio Football: in support girlfriends guys hooked”, con 165 Members does not seem a threat to this game that entertains thousands of young people around the world every day, also many women, every day are more "Hanging" for football.

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