Colombia towards the World Cup 2026: The road to success

Colombia towards the World Cup 2026: The road to success
Colombia seeks to reach the World Cup 2026.

The passion for soccer runs through the veins of all Colombians and the national team, or “la sele” as fans affectionately call it, She is extremely loved by all Colombians. Today we will explore the path that the Colombian team has and other data to achieve participation in the next World Cup.. But before, don't forget to redeem your WPlay promotional code in Colombia, the best page to obtain sports bets.

The road to the Soccer World Cup of the year 2026 began with great expectations as shown by the forecasts of and on a good footing for the Colombian team; with a win 1-0 against Venezuela where they demonstrated a much better and more complete level of play and a draw 0-0 against Chile where they also played quite well, The Coffee Growers have begun to show that they do not want to repeat the same mistake as before for anything in the world and this time they are going all out to qualify for the World Cup., there are still many games left, But starting on the right foot is always important since Qatar's failure to qualify for the World Cup was a rather ugly surprise for both the team and the country as a whole..

This next World Cup to be held in Canada, Mexico and the United States is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what the “Sele” has been working on after the arrival of Argentine coach Néstor Lorenzo who began his new position on 2 June of 2022. Since then, Lorenzo has brought new tactics and changes to the team, starting with the formation of a new team made up of experienced players and young pearls to take advantage of the potential that this balance between experience and youth will bring..

With veterans like James Rodríguez, Yerry Mina, Juan Cuadrado and Juan Quintero, and young promises like Luis Diaz, John Arias, Jorge Carrascal, and Luis Sinesterra, Things have not been going badly because the team has been able to adapt quickly and fight against strong teams.

Which games will be the most difficult for Colombia? Definitely, The most difficult games for the Cafeteros will be against the 3 strongest teams on the continent: Brazil, Uruguay and the current world champions; Argentina. Play against those 3 teams will always be the most difficult challenge for any Latin American team and not only that, Beating any of them radically increases the motivation of the other teams. Colombia's next match will be against the Uruguay team on 12 October and from now on the team is preparing both physically and mentally to face them.

Of course, the unconditional support of the fans plays a very important role for the team.. A team without support gets nowhere, and the Colombian team has one of the most acclaimed fans who give the most support to their respective team.. The football atmosphere can be felt from a distance when it's game day.

In summary, Colombia started its path to the World Cup on the right foot 2026 with a win and a draw. The road is challenging, but that's the good thing because without challenges, victory doesn't feel so good.

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