The importance of Futsal in Colombia

La importancia del Futsal en Colombia

Last update 1 June, 2023 por Alberto Llopis

Not only the sport of soccer moves masses in Colombia, there is another discipline that is causing a furore in coffee lands. This sport is none other than Futsal, also known in these places as micro-soccer., a sport that has a great tradition and roots in Colombia.

It is a very beautiful sport to watch and that over the years has gained great relevance in different media and sports platforms, how it is possible to see in the codere colombia promo code where the best tournaments and championships of this discipline so attractive to the viewer are shown.

Futsal in Colombia has become a favorite and widely practiced sport throughout the country.. This happens because it doesn't take much to play a match., a large investment is not necessary and there is a great facility to play it anywhere. This has meant that its popularity has been increasing for decades until it reaches its maximum relevance today..

Its origins date back to the years 60, specifically in the year 1965, this sport was all the rage in countries like Uruguay, Chile or Brazil to later reach Colombian lands. In the year 1967 The entity Instituto de los Seguros Sociales was a key factor in the growth of Futsal in Colombia by organizing a highly successful tournament with the appearance of 597 equipment. This was just the starting point for the creation of the first futsal league in Colombia later on..

It can be said that futsal is an intrinsic part of the culture and philosophy of life of Colombians, a sports discipline born practically in the different neighborhoods of the country formed an active part of the life of citizens. In fact, the continuous tournaments that take place in the streets of Colombia are a fundamental engine capable of giving the visibility and relevance of this sport for decades..

With the help of the federation and the state, futsal has taken a very positive path in terms of its professionalization. With the help of all the interested parties, it was possible that in the year 2011 the start of the Colombian Futsal League organized by the Colombian Football Federation. The last final impulse was obtaining a great sponsor capable of carrying out the dream of said tournament..

The Colombian Futsal League is a very attractive and even competition where anything can happen and the show is guaranteed. Two tournaments are played a year in each semester with two champions.

With the passage of time and the increase in quotas, the competition system has been changing, becoming more demanding and fun for the viewer.. But it has not only been a success at the local level or in domestic competitions. At the international level, the Colombian Futsal team has been able to successfully represent the country. En 9 Futsal World Cup editions, Colombia has won the title three times: in Bolivia 2000, Colombia 2011 and in Belarus 2015, in addition to two important runners-up in Argentina 1994 and Paraguay 2003.

With everything, Futsal has become one of the most important sports resources in the Colombian country and a reference in the world of this discipline..

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