The importance of supplementation in the athlete

The importance of supplementation in the athlete
Sports supplementation is very important to complement the diet of athletes. PHOTO: Pixabay

In all kinds of sports, such as football, If we seek optimal performance to help us achieve our goals, it is necessary to look beyond training and nutrition itself.. That's why the sports supplementation will have great importance.

In this article we are going to talk at length about what this sports supplementation consists of., what it can be used for and how it can help an athlete and what are the most common and advisable supplements.

What are sports supplements?

Roughly, we could define sports supplements as foods that have been manipulated to change their original state, increasing certain nutritional properties. We could say that they are foods made by man in order to enhance their physical capabilities.

It is also important to note that, even if they go through a process of manipulation, sports supplements have a natural origin.

Why supplement our diet with sports supplements?

There are many reasons why an athlete should supplement and enrich their diet with sports supplements. Here are two compelling reasons.

Intense physical activity leads our body to an imbalance and instability, which must be compensated with a correct contribution of macro and micronutrients. To achieve this and for our body to regain that balance and also generate adaptations that allow it to perform better in future occasions., sports supplements are postulated as a great help.

At present, the food industry rewards quantity and marketing before product quality. This results in the market being full of foods with low nutritional value and that we consume on a daily basis.. To alleviate this situation and avoid falling into certain deficiencies, we can use sports supplements as an ideal companion to a balanced and structured diet based on the physical activity we perform.

What are the most common sports supplements?

Fortunately, the variety of sports supplements that we have at our disposal today is very large. But in general there are a series of supplements that are most frequently used by most athletes. We talk about proteins, creatine, casein, amilopectina, energy gels, isotonic drinks, multivitamin complexes, collagen, etc.

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