Regulation few things you should know (I)

Regulation few things you should know (I)

The vast majority of football fans know or claim to know the rules. But nevertheless, not everything seems so simple around the football rules. There are a series of cases full of paradoxes where there are many who have the wrong concepts. We review some of the most prominent cases:

– It is forbidden to mark the ground with your foot. If a player does so, he must be cautioned for unsportsmanlike conduct..

– The use of nets in the goals is not mandatory.

– If a corner is taken and, before any other player touches the ball, someone from the stands enters and grabs her, a neutral boat has to be made where the spectator caught it

– The ball must be considered an object when used to hit the opponent. This means the consequent red card.

England-Scotland in 1870.
England-Scotland in 1870.

– If a player from the bench enters the field and kicks an opponent, The referee has to show him the red card and make a neutral bounce where the ball was at that moment as it is not considered a game throw.

– If there is a change and a player does not want to leave the field of play, the referee has to order the game to continue and the change not made.

– If a change is made and the player has already left, and the one who was about to enter, before passing the lime line he hits an adversary who is nearby, the referee has to throw him out, but since the change has not officially been made yet (since the player has not yet entered), the one that had left can continue playing or can be replaced by another.

– If there is a 'change of goalkeeper’ (between an outfield player and the goalkeeper) at half-time and the referee is not informed and the goalkeeper touches it with his hand, the referee has to wait for the ball to go away and caution both players.

– If a ball goes towards the goal and a player who was warming up off the court enters and avoids the goal, the referee has to caution him and make a neutral bounce where he touched it. Oddly enough, it wouldn't be a goal.

-If your team is playing with twelve players and the referee doesn't notice and they score you, it is valid. (not like that if your team does it)

– If a player lights a cigarette or uses a mobile phone during the match, the referee has to admonish him. Not so if he is on the bench.

– If a player touches the ball with his hand because he heard a whistle from the stands, you have to make a neutral boat

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