How did football come to Spain?

How did football come to Spain?
What are the origins of football in Spain? PHOTO:

Football plays a very important role in today's Spanish society. Matches are an integral part of social life and this sport is one of the main forms of entertainment in the country.. Besides, football has contributed significantly to tourism in Spain, since many fans travel to the country to watch League matches and international competitions.

The Spanish football league is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. Besides, Spanish football is very followed worldwide, making the national team a very strong candidate for the Betting house, which has won the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and three Eurocups, in the years 1964, 2008 y 2012.

However, How did this sport come to our country?? Knowing the origins and history of football in Spain is essential to understand its evolution and its role in today's society.

Origins of football in Spain

Soccer arrived in Spain in the mid-19th century, although its exact origins are difficult to determine. The first references to football in Spain date from 1874, when British merchants residing in the country began to organize football matches in the port of Huelva. A partir de entonces, Soccer gradually spread to different Spanish cities thanks to the presence of British residents and the influence exerted by the British Empire at the time..

The creation of the first football clubs and competitions in Spain dates back to the end of the 19th century.. The Huelva Recreational, founded in 1889, It is considered the oldest club in Spain. Other clubs followed, such as Athletic Club de Bilbao (1898), and FC Barcelona (1899), among others. In 1909 the Spanish Football Federation was founded (FEF), whose objective was to regulate and organize football in Spain. The FEF organized the first league championship in 1929, in which ten clubs participated. Since then, The Spanish League has become one of the most important in the world.

Football during the Franco dictatorship

During the dictatorship of Francisco Franco (1939-1975), football in Spain was subjected to strict control and repression by the regime. Soccer was used by the regime as a propaganda tool to exalt the values ​​and image of the Franco regime. Teams and players that did not align with the ideals of the regime were punished and persecuted, which resulted in the suspension of matches and the exclusion of players and coaches.

Despite the restrictions and repression, Women's football in Spain managed to develop during the Franco dictatorship. The first official women's soccer match in Spain was played in 1970, and the Spanish women's team debuted in an international match in 1983, amid an ongoing fight against discrimination and lack of support.

The history of football in Spain is rich and complex, full of moments of success and challenges. From its origins in the 19th century to the present, football has been influenced by historical and political events. However, soccer is still one of the most important passions in the whole world with millions of fans.

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