Jackson Martínez, From soccer star to preacher

Jackson Martínez, From soccer star to preacher
Jackson Martínez has started a new stage as a preacher. PHOTO: Capture Instagram

Jackson Martínez went down in history for being one of the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid although only sportingly. The Colombian, which much was expected, came to Atlético for the season 2015-16 after a tough fight between several important clubs in Europe and 35 million euros transfer. The front, It was one of the most coveted players after a few good seasons at Porto where he drilled media networks Portuguese league.

Jackson Martínez, history of an Atlético de Madrid failure but only on a sporting level

But nevertheless, Colombia never adapted or Madrid or Atletico. And all despite the logical opportunities that the Cholo Simeone to a player who had cost a few million euros. The baggage of Jackson Martínez It couldn't be poorer in value for money. Three goals with the shirt of Atletico, a few fights by the fans and six-month stay as colchonero.

Jackson Martínez
Jackson did not finish working at Atlético. PHOTO:AS

However if the Jackson athletically operation was not successful, economically self. Despite only last six months rojiblanco, Atletico managed to sell to Colombia for more money that had cost him. In an outlier, He revalued the player rather than depreciate and Atletico managed to box with a player who looked like a basket case.

He went through Chinese and Portuguese football and a new stage as a religious preacher

The Chinese league which became a new place for renowned footballers upon payment of a few million, It was his destiny and despite economic success was its operation, At Atlético there will always be the feeling that the signing of Jackson Martínez, a player who aimed much more, It was a failure.

Jackson Martínez
Jackson ended in Guangzhou China for a 42 millions. PHOTO: Twitter Guangzhou

Then the Colombian returned to Portuguese football to play in the ranks of Portimonense between 2018 Y 2020 when he was free. Something that has changed his life a lot at the moment. And it is that instead of looking for a team with which to resume his career as a footballer, Jackson has entered a new stage as a religious preacher by making the leap into the world of song to “take the word of God”. Something at least curious for the one who was one of the most sought-after footballers not long ago.

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