Cholo Simeone, a winning character

Cholo Simeone, a winning character

Cholo Simeone has transferred his winning character from the grass to the benches. The brave former mattress player is sure tonight is one of the happiest people on the planet. Since his arrival on the athletic bench there 2012, has managed to win a Europa League, one European Super Cup, Copa del Rey, La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup. further, managed to lead the mattress team to a Champions League final, something that has not been repeated since 1974 and that as in that distant day, he escaped again in the last minutes. But if for something Simeone has also stood out, It was to change the course of the derbies against Real Madrid, especially in those played at the Bernabéu.

And it is that since the Argentine took the reins of the Manzanares club it seems that winning at the home of the eternal rival has become a classic. There, He raised the Copa del Rey for them in his own home in May 2013 and has beaten them in recent seasons. The last chance, It is 13 September 2014.

Despite the reiteration in which Atlético's game can be ugly and even some shameful video of a well-known television sports program very close to sensationalism where they came to call Simeone's team almost anti-football, the reality is that the success is derived from his excellent work but also to a great extent by the winning character that has always characterized the Argentine. You may like your proposal more or less, but the whole works as a compact block.

The cholo, as a player he stood out for the fight, the claw and for that ambition that only winners have, sometimes brushing or passing the limits, the same one that he transmitted to an Atlético who was a shadow of the team when he arrived and to which he managed to become champion. As a player, played in Spain for Sevilla and Atlético de Madrid, where he possibly lived his best moments as a player, the same place where you may be living your best moments as a coach. He was a player of the mythical Atlético de 1996, the same one who managed to win the double, the same one who won a Copa del Rey.

Simeone lived both sides of the coin in River Plate, today he smiles happily in his Atlético, the same one he returned to despite not having much hope in his work. The world of football goes around a lot but for now what has been done is there. Cholo Simeone, the claw of the grass to the bench.

The excess of revolutions especially in the derbies play a trick on him. Esta "colleja" it cost him dear.
The excess of revolutions especially in the derbies play a trick on him. Is “Slap” it cost him dear.
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