Five spectacular dribbles

Five spectacular dribbles

Dodge, is the almost lost art in modern football, is the detail that makes watching a football match makes sense or not, It is that quality that separates a player from another type. They are of all types and classes. A most beautiful, other more effective and more uncouth but order and Cape, They are all turns. Throughout history there have been authentic teachers as the Brazilian Garrincha and artwork. In Colgados here are five, to enjoy,for you, five of the best turns of history.

The “cow's tail” Romario

The season 93-94 It was the last of the league won by el Dream Team Johan Cruyff. Y maybe, the most spectacular. Good blame for it, the signing of Romario had, a front cartoon, as he defined by Jorge Valdano. The Brazilian was good because of the little hand that Barca endorsement Real Madrid visit the Camp Nou targets. In addition to three goals, He left to remember a queue wonderful cow that helped him leave Rafael Alkorta.y planted stand alone in front Buyo, to which broke with a nice release with the outside of his boot.

The divine Djalminha autopase

It did not end in a goal but neither imported. Djalminha made one of the best turns are remembered throughout the history of football. The 8 of Deportivo took a ball on the edge of the area and had no better idea to invent an aerial bike that surpass the defense of Real Madrid who tried to stop him.

Cristiano Ronaldo bikes

The Portuguese has his followers used to make impossible played and score goals from all invoices. Dodge we present, It does not worth for anything, He had no effectiveness and ended with the star on the floor, but spectacular was a while. It was during his time at Manchester United, in a match against Arsenal and this happened.

Zidane roulette

French is possibly one of the best players ever. Elegant and technical advice on the lawn, Nor is it crumpling when distributing estopa. Despite the blur of the head-butting Materazzi in their last game, French giant crown left many quality details. Of these we highlight the roulette mythical. It consists of passing the ball from one foot to another while the body is rotated, an action in which Zidane, He was a teacher.

The brutal Dodge Neymar

The move ended as usually end these actions. Neymar, still in Santos, He jabbed an air ball, He controlled and lowered. He stood in front of his rival, he faked, He snatches him and almost got rid of it with a spectacular Dodge. Brazil ended up on the floor and his rival expelled although it appears in the images that the Brazilian overdid a bit. Best definitely, Dodge, enjoy and see.

PD: Big turns are not assets of the stars. Look at this Pineda, the player Extremadura 1997. It was against Barca nothing more and nothing less, when the player one day became the favorite apprentice in Sevilla Maradona did this:

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  1. No dribble like Magico Gonzales to the cow's tail both at ground and in the air right or left players were falling alone and did not know where the ball was. look at him on youtube

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