Marcelo Gallardo, the technician who returned success River

Marcelo Gallardo, the technician who returned success River
Gallardo is already a myth River Plate. Photo: intelligent environment

Marcelo Gallardo is the best coach merit is remembered on the bench in recent times River. Argentine coach has been the highest to River Plate in just over two years and that few, They are betting on him when practically no experience, policy as a whole Giant River trusted him to lead the “Millonarios”. Everything has been in an anecdote after his successful record with River with 4 international titles including.

He “Muñeco” as he was known in his playing, It was a remarkable player. Nacido en 1976. Extraordinary technical quality, filled his poor physical size with that gift that players often have bajitos. He played in three different stages River, half of the 90, in between 1993 y 1999, in between 2003 y 2006 and between 2009 y 2010. He played in Europe, in Monaco, in between 1999 y 2003 and years later, en la 2007/08 PSG limiting its experience in Europe to France.

Gallardo with Snowman 10 River back to.
Gallardo with Snowman 10 River back to.

He also played in the US and Nacional where he retired as a player and curiously started training. He played Argentina and won many titles in the shirt of River. However when 2014 he reached the bench River, your resume coaching could be summed up in two lines something that was suspicious followers and journalists, almost the same as the doll have given up two years later.

Under his leadership River has won the Copa Sudamericana 2014, the Recopa Sudamericana 2015, the Copa Libertadores 2015, Suruga Bank 2015, the Recopa Sudamericana of 2016 and Argentina Cup 2016. Precisely also he made history by winning the Libertadores Cup as a player in 1996 and coaching 2015. His rapid rise has clinched him to the top ten of the top rated trainers 2015, something few thought probably half 2015 when this young and inexperienced coach, He came one of the largest dugouts of America. As did for example the Barcelona with Guardiola, River gambled and won in what was certainly a success.

Marcelo Gallardo is the image of River Plate win.
Marcelo Gallardo is the image of River Plate win. Photo:

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