The day that River Plate fell into the hell of the 'B’

He 26 June 2011 will go down in black history River Plate for being the day that for the first time in his life he went down to the Argentine second division. You are welcome, SERVED over 110 years of history, tradition and successes to prevent the millionaire club from losing the category in the promotion disputed against Belgrano. A decrease, that nothing should hide a brilliant career.

River Plate, one of the greats of Argentina

And the early history of River Plate back to the 25 May 1901 with the initial fusion of two clubs, Santa Rosa and Los Rosales, which he gave rise to a new team called River Plate ( name proposed by a founder who worked at the Buenos Aires port and found some boxes with this title).also born in the neighborhood of La Boca, I soon found a strong rivalry with Boca Juniors ( the first match between them dates from 1913).

The early years were spent in River Plate of Argentina amateur football, which he would achieve the national championship 1920. It wouldn't be until 1931 when the Argentine professional championship would, achieving the same year a plaza third Meritorious River. The purchase of two great players from 1931 y 1932, Bernabe Ferreyra Carlos Peucelle and convulsed the Argentine market signings as the team invested a lot of money on them (10.000 y 35.000 pesos respectively) and it earned him to be considered a team “millionaire” , nickname by which he is still known. These signings were worth to him to win league championships 1932, 36 y 41.

La decada de los 40 It was one of the best in River. The team would win championships 1941,42, 45 y 47, besides being runner-up in the 43 y 44. But above all, titles are not what impresses, but the excellent game developed. This is when the machine emerges River formed by Juan Carlos Muñoz, Jose Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera, Ángel Labruna y Felix Loustau. Besides, in 1945, It is incorporated Di Stefano Alfredo such a, what with 27 goals in 1947 would contribute to a new league title.

La década de los 50 I began with the exodus of some important players due to a strike (including the great Don Alfredo). However, the club recovers and gets the first of his three first three times champions (55,56,57). Besides, this last year 57, eventually finally build the Estadio Monumental.

The following years would be the worst in River. The team would put in a dynamic braking runner-up would be 1975, with the conquest of the Metropolitan and National. In 1976, the team continued its ascending line that was to culminate with a runner in Copa Libertadores.

Pero sin lugar a dudas, the golden age of River was coming in 80. Creating a new system of competition (Opening-Closing) that divided the competition into two laps to equate the European season exalted River. He won the league season 1985-86 and he also won his first Libertadores in the year 86, thanks to players like Pumpido or Ruggeri. The year culminated with the victory in the Intercontinental Cup against Steaua Bucharest by 1-0. Remarkable in these final years of the 80 is the great genius Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli, enshrines soon as a big idol of the drunkards of the board (the hooligans River).

En la decada de los 90 consolidation comes as Argentine millionaires seven big opening and two closing tournaments and especially as factory big players. Particularly noteworthy Batistuta, “Burrito” Ortega, Gallardo, Hernan Crespo and Pablo Aimar. Besides, Liberating the team wins of the 96.

The new millennium will bring the progressive decline River, that although he is capable of winning 4 Clausura tournament (2002,03,04 y 08) looks like slowly into a spiral culminating in relegation to second the 26 June 2011. A hell, of which will come a year later.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982


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