The worst fans in Argentina

The worst fans in Argentina

What are the worst fans in Argentina? One of the most outstanding characteristics of Argentine soccer is the fervent presence of the fans. These passionate hobbies are known as “brave bars” and they usually have a fundamental role in the parties. Argentine fans are characterized by their unwavering loyalty to their teams, encouraging them from beginning to end with songs, banderas, flares and an overflowing energy. They are authentic protagonists in the stands, creating an electrifying atmosphere and turning the stadiums into authentic cauldrons of emotions.

Soccer in Argentina: An overflowing passion and incomparable fans

In Argentina, football is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. The country is impregnated with an unbridled passion for soccer that is breathed in every corner. From humble neighborhoods to big cities, The king of sports is experienced with a unique intensity that has turned Argentina into a soccer power recognized throughout the world.

worst fans in Argentina
In Argentina, football is lived with passion. PHOTO:

The classic rivals of Argentine soccer are an essential part of this unbridled passion. Matches like the “Super classic” between Boca Juniors and River Plate, one he “Avellaneda Classic” between Independiente and Racing Club, arouse an unparalleled passion. These matches not only represent the sports fight between the teams, but also the historical rivalry and fierce competition between the fans. The stadiums are filled with a tense and electrifying atmosphere, and each play is lived with an intensity that transcends the merely sporting.

In Colgados we have told you about the best hobbies and The most hated teams in Argentine soccer. Today we are going to try to discern which are the fans or hobbies of Argentine soccer with fewer supporters.

The worst fans in Argentina

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