sports, a new trend in betting

sports, a new trend in betting
Los sports, the new trend when betting. PHOTO: As

Yes, It is true that playing video games always resulted in a leisure activity or distraction, especially for the younger ones who could spend hours and hours, sitting in front of a console command. But nevertheless, time has given a twist to the way to see these games, to the point that they have come to be accepted as professional sport when it comes to competitions in which participate the most skilled players in the world. If you want to know all about Full sports betting with Sports, keep reading.

ESports jumped to world public scene recently, but in reality it is not a novelty but has a history of over two decades and which was growing slowly, evolving, up to what we know today.

What are the esports?

The term sports to be refiere "Electronic Sports", which in turn translates into Castilian as "e-sports" and covers a world of competitions a series of games in which players from around the world are no longer amateurs to become professionals involved.

Much can discuss whether esports are actually a sport, There are positions that argue that such activity does not require physical exertion and can not brindársele the quality of "sport" in the concept of the word.

But nevertheless, Importantly, the structure that holds the world of esports is widely established and currently has a staff that helps professionals in this branch before and after events, as in conventional sports.

Beyond the debate, which is still in full swing, eSports significantly grow day by day and more and more users engage manages this electronic world so fantastic.

Evolution of esports

Some believe that esports came out of nowhere, But this is not so. The early history of this sport lead to years 70, a decade after the birth of Spacewar, one of the first interactive games that emerged.

Era 1972 and Stanford University was held the first tournament game on record is taken into history: Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. Later, Atari would hold a tournament called Space Invaders Championship and soon would come the first online video game competition is known: Netrek.

In the decade of the 90 and the concept of e-sports had reached Asia, specifically South Korea. This was the first country to provide quality of athletes participating in these competitions game, They began to emerge the first clubs, They were adding sponsorship contracts, unions and began broadcasting the sport on television.

It would take a while to transcend the borders of South Korea in his capacity as professional sport but recently have grown exponentially. And good, By using the "exponential" adjective to describe the development of esports there is absolutely no exaggeration.

Such has been the rise of electronic sports in the United States and are positioned between the three disciplines most prominent, below the Major League Baseball (MLB) y la National Football League (NFL).

ESports recently equaled in number of viewers in the United States NBA, the most popular basketball tournament around the world and whose levels of organization are enormous. ESports in North America are more famous than others like ice hockey or 'soccer' football.

Currently there are several esports games that are incredibly popular worldwide as League of Legends, Counter Strike, FIFA, Call of Duty, among others. At the same time, These e-sports have an excellent link structure, clubs, professional players who stamped his signature on multiyear contracts, as it happens in other disciplines.

Sports betting in the esports

ESports and have had remarkable growth of followers, It has also brought insertion into the market for sports betting, another huge development activity today. If you want you can do sports betting 24h a day through the Internet and the mobile market.

In Spain, electronic sports betting have become a trend. Nowadays, the vast majority of betting houses include this discipline in its catalog Sports, thus offering its users the ability to make forecasts at these events.

As usual, betting on esports are concentrated around League of Legends. This game is one that enjoys greater popularity around the world. Bet on this market that is growing has become a very frequent activity among users.

One of the characteristics of many bettors like to predict is that everything that can look through a transmission, all you can be subject to a qualitative analysis and entailing a final result is attractive for betting. The fact that electronic sports telecasts count on or they can follow via live streaming on the Internet makes electronic sports gambling have become so popular.

As usual, bookmakers often offer the most popular games organized by leagues. Markets that are offered are usually quite small, actually there are not many options when betting in this mode. Most bookmakers offer online betting bonuses its users to play free or advantage.

In disciplines like League of Legends or Dota 2 You can bet on the winner of a game, while others like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, when you are playing best of three maps included markets with total or handicap worlds. There are other quite popular as FIFA in very interesting markets are added as double chance bets.

Currently you can get betting that allow you to make simple bets or combined with other sports esports. In many of them you can get completely live broadcasts of the most important events and thus the possibility to follow the variation in fees to bet in real time to your favorite.

The world of esports is wonderful and projected future growth is quite significant, to the point of displacing many other sports, even in the world of online sports betting which are already well positioned.

Although the debate about whether or not a sport stays, it is becoming more accepted around the world and countries begin to open doors to these competitions and to seek professionals equate video games with athletes. The future looks very promising for electronic sports, everything is a matter of waiting a little time to look at everything that can scale this activity.



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