BOMB: There will be no FIFA 2023 as reported by EA SPORTS

BOMBAZO: No habrá FIFA 2023 según informa EA SPORTS
Total rupture between FIFA and EA Sports (IGN Italia)

Last update 26 March, 2022 por Javi Argudo

Bad news for lovers soccer video games. EA Sports has confirmed that, except drastic change at the last minute, there will not be FIFA 2023.

But calm down, This does not mean that the company stops releasing a soccer video game every year, but it will affect, unique and exclusively, to the name of the same. In fact, according to different sources, the company would have already decided on the new name that would become EA Sports Football Club so he FIFA 2023 will never see the light.

Al parecer, the break between the company Electronic Arts y la FIFA It is because the highest level of world football would have requested 1.000 millions for giving up their rights. This quantity, like is logic, would be unacceptable on the part of the company.

Sin embargo, luckily for fans of the saga, This break would not affect the rest of the licenses. That is to say, Both players and clubs could appear completely normally in the video game since they are completely independent contracts with the affected parties..

De esta forma, if the news is confirmed, We would see how another of the great football video game sagas changes its name. First was the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) from Konami and now it would be the turn of its great rival, el FIFA by EA Sports. Let's hope that in the latter case, the result is very different since the new version of PES, call eFootball, became viral due to its large number of errors in both the faces and movements of most of the players.

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