Can compete with the big Napoli in the Champions?

Can compete with the big Napoli in the Champions?
Can Napoli compete with the greats of the Champions League? PHOTO: Football

There was a time, especially hand Diego Armando Maradona, in which Naples was the best team in Italy, even in an era where Sacchi Milan He began to make history in football.

After years of potholes by the Italian lower categories, the box St. Paul It regained some of its status and became a classic in the Champions every year. Now the question is whether the Naples You can take a little step and compete with the big boys in Europe's top competition. Moment few are betting on them.

The Naples It has established itself as the second best team in Serie A, but the bookmakers give few opportunities in their confrontation with the giants of the League, the PSG in France. Naples is +525 while next door is -220.

The PSG He has been sensational at home. since July, They have a record 6-0 a differential +16 and they have won every game by at least two goals as we mentioned That includes a beating 5-0 about him Lyon, a team that recently defeated Man City in England. The Naples It will be the toughest competition they will face in Paris, but Neymar and company are playing very well right now to oppose.

The team of Ancelotti, It is among the few that follows the unstoppable wake of the Juve in the domestic tournament transalpine country, however when playing in the Champions, It is another story, and the thing gets serious. The Naples has certainly very talented and established players but we have to see if Europe You can give a similar level of your home competition. The first step is to add the 3 points to a PSG which has the same unfinished after dominating the League 1, the Champions League.

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