The footballing summary of the year 2013

The footballing summary of the year 2013

Year 2013 It is over and the doors of the new, time to take stock of what happened in the past 365 days. In the world of football, is exactly the same. goals, emotions, disappointments and sorrows. Remember all the good and bad that has brought us this year 2013 leaving us, would be so extensive that best speak little, We try to describe in a few lines.

The first part of the year, wine marked perhaps confirmation of Bayern Munich as the best team in the world. Champion five titles (Bundesliga, German Cup, Champions, European Super Cup and World Club Cup club), the team coached by Heynckes in the first six months and the other six Pep Guardiola, mercilessly thrashed Barça so far was untouchable, confirming that the changed cycle and domain had begun.

a Europe, Champions was as we said for Bayern Munich after beating Borussia Dortmund, He won the Europa League Chelsea Benitez. In Southamerica, Copa Libertadores fell to Atletico Mineiro a Ronaldinho, fitfully that it seems to be reborn from its ashes to remember that once was the best player in the world. Confederations Cup, the eve of the World, It was won by Brazil that hit very forceful way to a Spain that arrived as the best in the world, remembering, that the cartel not win anyone and least national team most successful world.

The Mineiro Ronaldinho became champion of the Copa Libertadores 2013.

The second part of the season confirmed the arrival of a new cock to the corral which is the European football. Atletico Madrid El Cholo Simeone seems to have come to stay and has ranked among the best teams of the moment this 2013. The big Spanish, Real Madrid and Barcelona, They seem to have run out of steam, especially the Catalans, that despite winning parties and leaders go, They have lost the essence that characterized them. Whites follow the line downward in recent times.

Let's not forget, the match-fixing, the invasion force of bets, the need to use new technologies in resolving conflicting plays, signings and outrageous salaries of some players, the interests of television, the schedule of matches, the ticket prices to football fields, the need for changes in the LFP, the RFEF, UEFA and FIFA, etc etc there. This whole phenomenon of organisms that what they want is to manipulate and control a mass sport and interest.

This next year, we have the showpiece of the sport, the appointment of the World Brazil 2014, the event that will eclipse all sports in general. Talk about how some selections were classified and the draw for the FIFA is no longer relevant, everything is decided. However, we will not be able to forget the intrigues, tinkering and FIFA obscurantism that have enveloped this world . Indeed it happened not alone and not be the last, the hand of this body has always been present. But nevertheless, nobody is indifferent to all this and many things must change. You can not talk about fair play, behind when it gets dirty and muddy all competitions. Unfortunately, there are too many interests because football is a business that moves large amounts of money around the globe. It would be impossible today today speak of the decline of the sport, but when you follow this path, many fans may someday turn his back, something not desirable for any football fan.

The next World Cup groups.
Groups emerged after the World Cup a draw all clear.

For next year, I hope to continue here talking about football and all the things that I like and the ones I do not like. Enjoying goals, impossible plays and emotions that order and Corporal is what transmits football, feelings and emotions and as every week, I hope to continue counting them in this your house, of the hanging of football. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 all

Sergio Barres

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