The great fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona returns

Vuelve la gran pelea entre el Real Madrid y el Barcelona
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Last update 18 January, 2023 by Alberto Llopis

The great duel that had been so missed between Real Madrid and Barcelona seems to be back. After a great bad run of results for the culé team, caused by a terrible management of the directive, now the pieces begin to fit together and everything seems to indicate that Real Madrid once again has a serious rival to face. And all this could be verified in the last final of the Spanish Super Cup, where the Real Madrid of Carlo Ancelotti was not able to do anything to match the tremendous superiority of the culés.

The beginning of a new era

Many of the sports betting houses, that contain all the information in terms of forecasts more than updated, They already gave this Barcelona more chances at the start of the season. Despite the stumbling block that the culés committed in the Champions League, where they were eliminated and direct to the Europa League, Xavi Hernández's team is now much stronger and better structured than before. The players of the culé team begin to believe and tattoo Xavi's ideas in their minds and that translates into the pitch

The game of possession that so many alegrías gave Barcelona in the form of a sextet It seems that he is coming back and he has done it in the best way, with a title in their showcases like the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid. Now it is the turn for the white team to find a way to respond to that superiority, since they were completely canceled on the green and the image they left was not exactly the best.

A team like Real Madrid that has just won the league and the Champions League in the same season is suffering a lot now despite having a good start to the league. The recovery of Barcelona, the World Cup and the lack of concentration are having negative consequences on Ancelotti's squad, who has a lack of ideas when his vertical and fast game stops succeeding.

Now the strength of its rival has been added to it and it will be more difficult for Real Madrid to regain strength in the league against a rival that is determined to win it. Thus, It is noticeable that the duel that Real Madrid and Barcelona have always had and that had been somewhat missing in recent years has now regained strength. And this will have the best repercussions on the fans, that they will be able to see more equality in the field.

Real Madrid is the one, for the moment, continues to have the status of champion of the two most important trophies such as the Champions League and La Liga. Es cierto que Barcelona can no longer choose to win the Champions League, but there is no doubt that he will compete to the maximum for the league to take the crown from Real Madrid and return to the top position in that famous duel between two of the best teams in the world..

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