8 curiosities of Italian Calcio

8 curiosities of Italian Calcio
Inter is one of the greats of Calcio. PHOTO: @Inter

Serie A is one of the most important tournaments in Europe, where great world soccer stars such as Kaká have played their football, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Diego Maradona. If you like bet on Serie A, Calcium curiosities will definitely catch your attention.

Since who was the first tournament champion, going through top scorer, to the club that was never in Serie B. There are many facts that you surely did not know about this exciting tournament, as the youngest player to debut in the tournament has had 15 years.

Without any more preambles, We are going to review the most curious data of the Italian tournament.

The first champion

Calcio is a tournament that has more than 120 years of history. The first edition of the Italian championship was played in 1989 and Genoa won it. This historic club in total has won 9 times the Italian tournament, although the last time was 1924, almost a century ago. They also won an Italian Cup (1934 – 1935).

The only club that has never been relegated

Italy's Serie A has always been one of the top leagues in Europe and one of the tournaments where several of its so-called great teams have been relegated. That happened with Juventus, AS Roma and with AC Milan. Hasta ahora, the only club that has not gone to Serie B is Inter Milan.

The top scorer in history

Juice 25 years in Serie A and his last name became synonymous with goals. Silvio Piola is the top scorer in the Italian tournament with a total of 274 so many of 537 parties. The Novara stadium bears his name. He has also been one of the top scorers in the history of the Italian team.

The youngest player to debut in Serie A

Wisdom Amey became the youngest player to debut in the Italian league on 12 May 2021. Con 15 years and 277 days he played with the Bologna shirt against Genoa in the duel that ended in defeat for his club. He has only played one more game professionally.

The club with the most titles

Despite the fact that he lost two championships for the well-known 'Calciopoli' -match fixing that was also sanctioned with relegation-, Likewise, the 'Vecchia Signora' has a total of 36 titles in Serie A, holding the record for tournaments and runners-up. He is also the one who has won the Italian Cup the most times (14) and the Italian Super Cup (9).

The year of the two championships

If we think about curiosities of Calcio Italiano, I'm sure this is one of the biggest.. In the season 1921-22 two championships were played in parallel and one of them was won by Novese, club that paradoxically has never played in Serie A. The other champion was Pro Vercelli.

The club to which glory is elusive

Atalanta de Bergamo has had a great performance in recent Calcio seasons, even reaching the title, although he has never been able to win it. It is the team with the most seasons in Serie A without being able to win the championship (61 until now).

Longest streak without losing

This honor is held by AC Milan, who kept 58 games without losing between 1991 y 1993. The funny thing is that his streak started and ended with the same rival: el Parma. He 26 May 1991 with a goalless draw and almost two years later, he 21 March with a 1-0.

After having reviewed this list of curiosities of Calcio Italiano, you probably have more interest in Serie A in Italy. If you don't want to just watch the games, you can also play in Betfair to guess the winner, who will score the goals of the duel or even if there are expelled. Fun is assured.

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