Italian football in freefall

El fútbol italiano en caída libre

Last update 2 December, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

Italian football continues its process of decay. There were several stages in the history of football in the “calcio” Europe dominated. Torino fell into the tragedy of Superga, Inter Helenio Herrera, la Juve, Maradona Napoli or Milan in various stages, especially that magnificent team of Arrigo Sacchi late 80 y principios de los 90, They contributed their bit to the future of this sport, something that seems far away.

While managers of Italian football should start worrying and thinking about why they are practically the fifth league in Europe, fact that made them lose fourth place in Champions, and why their teams are simple troupes in Europe, including the largest. It seems that calcium has remained in a state of veteran players remember ridden and many others, too many, without any talent.

Serie A has become a tournament, where some of his gunners highs hovering around 40 años, players glorious past that continue to stand in a league which by the way, It was formerly much more demanding. There have cases Totti, Di Natale and Luca Toni almost forties who are still references. Thirty Pirlo and Buffon many long, near the quarantine also, are key pieces of the leader of a tournament that is poised to be similar to the inserso. And come back do not seem sufficient values ​​to relieve these beens.

Totti, Toni y Di Natale siguen en lo alto con casi 40 años.
Totti, Toni and Di Natale still on top with almost 40 años.

The best thermometer can be the two giants Milan. Inter-AC Milan, It was once one of the big games that were played in Europe. A día de hoy, both roam through the table with players from a level that is far from the clubs required to play at this level. Two teams meet 10 European Cups between them and are a distant shadow of those who were not long ago, unos pocos años atrás. If you look at the Serie B where many stadiums, they were no longer in classical Rome, but back in the 80-90, the level declines further. A sad fall of a football must meet the maximum “renewed or die” as soon as possible but wants to end the second option.

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