Alcacer, another goes from hero to villain in Mestalla

Alcácer, otro más que pasa de héroe a villano en Mestalla
Alcacer brought off line at the Mestalla club. Especially forms.

Last update 26 August, 2016 por Alberto Llopis

Paco Alcacer's signing for Barcelona has raised hackles in Valencia, a club that seems to live in a chaotic cycle approaches a loop or Groundhog Day by repeating certain circumstances. many thought, especially some Valencian press, with the arrival of Peter Lim, the Valencia club had found the Messiah who would make this loop, but two years later and after many erroneous and even extravagant decisions such as hiring coaches who had never trained as Neville, the thing seems to get worse.

And the case of Alcacer is not new and if we look back, We found many cases of players who were idolized by the supporters of Mestalla but then ended repudiados. From Mijatovic until the last of this summer, Otamendi. Because the Mestalla tier is like those passionate lovers, with love want their players to die but at least disagreement are able to forget the fast lane that love.

Without going further, we find a case very similar to Alcacer. Other “9”, Valenciano who was an idol for the Valencia parish and decided in the summer of 2013 Valencia go to sign for Tottenham. Valencia was clear, He did not mince words in saying he did not believe in the club project which cost many expletives by many fans.

Soldado decidió dejar el Valencia ante la ausencia de un proyecto serio en el club.
Soldier decided to leave Valencia in the absence of a serious project in the club.

The same months saw Alcácer stone of the future project and now mercilessly stripped because the former valencianista symbol has decided to go to Barcelona. The truth is that in 2016 things do not seem to have changed much since those words Soldier in 2013. Parece que la 2014/15 It was a mirage in as many seasons of mediocrity in Mestalla. Things are very bad and the future looks dark in there although they know that this will mark the beanbag if you choose to enter or not. If you want to know many other cases that went from heroes to villains in Mestalla after changing teams, what you have in this article.

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