Atletico Madrid, Cholo Simeone, Cup and Ronaldo: the weekly review of the institution

Dear Colgados, Today I start my weekly digression more joy. After underpants and other banalities finally this week, we talked about football, something that seemed almost impossible. We had a little of everything and good, with Champions League matches except where Spanish teams Real Sociedad, They have been victorious. UEFA Europa League was not bad with the victory of Betis and Valencia and only slightly smudged equalizer Sevilla.

But what I have been Surprised European day were open and unvarnished statements coach Austria Vienna, Nenad Bjelica, a player who had the opportunity to meet our league in years 90 enrolled in the ranks of the Albacete. The coach has put Atletico Madrid in the hype of the possible winners of this competition. It is not surprising, the “Atleti” Madrid is an ordered set, with good players, where there is solidarity between them in the field, and among many other qualities have a huge Cholo Simeone, which it has created almost an ideology, the “Cholismo”. Let me demonstrate in favor of this great team as fit, everything that transmits a lot of football is football and.

In the wake of the Atleti, We can not forget what clearly shouted, finally without surprises. Despite Scolari, Diego Costa has been summoned by De Forest for the Spanish Selection. It is not the first canarinho player who wears the shirt of our choice neither the first nor the last Brazilian who saw another shirt as well write in hanging for football (If you want to know the Brazilian players who have played with another click selection here). We hope that the reticence and doubts dissipate origin where they talk football players, on the green playmat, on the grass.

Domestic League, our league named bank, We enter the first third of competition and fortunately there's a guest to achieve championship. Endurance and hope that there is excitement until the end. This week, There has also been drawing the King Cup for teams of La Liga Adelante and Second B, a whole lottery of a competition who are called to win the usual, almost no surprises and devaluated by the development of it. But nevertheless, there is always that element of luck in the junior level teams eligible to reach high rates of competition . Possibly never see in Spain, It is an amateur football team competing Final professionals.

The oldest competition in the world, England FA CUP, It is capable of hosting an unusual event . El Daventry Town , Team English Eighth Division, It has made the dream of many amateur clubs, to becoming the only amateur team that will play this competition. This Saturday 9 November has lived his moment of glory facing the Chesterfield, Team England's fourth tier, The result has been 2-0 Finally for this, but it not has been less exciting. a lesson in what can be done if you want to promote grassroots football and amateur. This reminds us that mythical story when Hereford beat Newcastle, full of stars of the time 1972 an elimination of this old English competition. If you do not know the story I recommend that pinches here.

Today I will not forget to mention also Cristiano Ronaldo. If last week we talked underpants CR7, I will not stop talking about the virtues of a great player in world football, that despite all extrasport factors that generates and IMHO dirty your image, we are fortunate to be living and enjoying. This is a stratospheric player that deserves the utmost respect and admiration of everything that likes football and passionate. It is a player that grows and improves with time, may again be another worthy rather than the Golden Ball, with permission from others like Messi and why not, Diego Costa as well also move into this that it's your house, of the hanging of football.

Sergio Barres

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