¿Stadiums teams must share the same city?

¿Deben compartir estadios los equipos de una misma ciudad?

Last update 7 February, 2014 por Julio Muñoz

Valga ahead the question is not of irretroactiva character and that of course is not going to throw stadiums and events. Pero, and what is in project. Would not it be better to share them with your neighbors and shared expenses and high costs, in times of crisis like we are living?

Valencia, Atletico Madrid and a host of teams have in mind to open new campuses in the coming years. All of them to enjoy himself. Works long-lasting certainly, maltrecharán further the already battered (forgive the redundancy) economy clubs. Pero, And why not share stage? Can you imagine Real Madrid and Atletico sharing Peineta, Valencia and Levante at the new stadium of the Valencian Parliament or Betis and Sevilla la Cartuja?

In Spain no one is this idea since according to the leaders of this team would lose their independence and identity and even the grass suffer. But in Italy and Germany, the biggest teams do and not tear their hair. Bayern Allianz shares with 1860, Inter and AC Milan San Siro, Roma and Lazio Olympic Stadium and there was a time that Juve and Torino played at the Comunale.

El Allianz Arena cambia  de color según que equipo juegue.
El Allianz Arena cambia de color según que equipo juegue.

Everyone in these countries is assumed with nature. Why spend twice when you can have half? It may be grotesque that a city like Madrid accumulate Vallecas, the Bernabeu, Calderon, Peineta as football coliseums. What about Barcelona Montjuic, Cornella and the Camp Nou or Seville with the Cartuja watching time go by with no activity.

The proposal is difficult, almost impossible, but perhaps more than one would help overcome the crisis.

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