“Maldini fever”, the ultimate romantic old football on TV

“Fiebre Maldini”, el último romántico del fútbol de antaño en televisión

Last update 24 September, 2013 by Julio Muñoz

In Colgados for football we have been very hard on not a few teams, managers and journalists. However, of course, we also recognize the great work done by other information professionals. This is the case of co Fever Maldini program that issues Monday night Canal + Liga. It is a space of little more than an hour and Julio Maldonado and his team show us the new promises that come your way, We dusted unforgettable moments of football history or impacts us with stories or interviews on a topic seen from a different prism that makes a theme repeated something new.

In a world of football where ever premium plus the review of the information, where ever premium plus the social gathering and debate before the report and even in-depth interview grateful that “Maldini fever” It differs from others even at the cost of being the ultimate romantic in this increasingly dangerous world of the press and the media.

You could say that “Maldini fever” it's just football and could hardly interest to football fans. But it would obviously be something superficial. The program represents preparation, analysis, subtlety, touch with the audience. Exists, definitely, a whole work behind, which is reflected in a very simple but very difficult thing to achieve at the same time (curious contradiction): that you see the program learn. It has forgotten, perhaps for commercial or economic interests that after all the main mission of the journalist should be to inform and that is where Fiebre Maldini wins by a landslide the rest. When you just see the program exits with new data, unknown, He has learned something and that is priceless.

Of course, most of the praise takes Julio Maldonado, the presenter, but it would not be logical to ignore his collaborators beginning Carlos Castellanos, Philip Ricci, Ivan Castelló, Guillermo G. Uzquiano and Juan Carlos Crespo. I do not miss Gabi Ruiz (one of the pioneers of the famous PC Football) or Philip Martin. Two of them together to form the team Maldini day international football, the weekly program that is responsible for reviewing the highlights of the weekend in the major European leagues.

Estos son el equipo habitual de colaboradores de Fiebre Maldini
These are the usual team of collaborators Fever Maldini.

With a lively style, fast, Party by party, Major League Soccer and the main goals and offer outstanding plays that occur in Europe. They make it enjoyable, always with some interesting data, but football is no longer the country or city where they come from images. Bypassing forofismos, fanaticisms and nonsense. Straight to the point with the essence of Study Stage lifelong, and that which is so little.

Maybe, the audience is less (I would like to know what it would be if emit open) other sports programs that focus their interest in football. Maybe, do not have the big players who do other radio stations. But maybe, con ellos, sea, the only way to turn on the TV and learn some football. De fútbol, and journalism.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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