Di Canio y Lucarelli: Italian, scorers and two different ways of seeing life

Di Canio y Lucarelli: Italian, scorers and two different ways of seeing life

Lucarelli Di Canio and have been good footballers, the two represent two extreme ideologies and soul teams have historically experienced a political and sporting rivalry that goes beyond the sporting boundaries. Communist Livorno city and Lazio, where a large majority of their supporters profess the fascist ideology.

Livorno is a small working class town, with an industrial port and birthplace of the Italian Communist Party. Cristiano Lucarelli was born there, a boy who dreamed of being a footballer. His father was a port charger, joined the union and party member. Christian child was surrounded from birth by red flags PCI and Livorno, City team. To the 22 years reached the first division, playing with Perugia. then he passed by Cosenza, Padova and Atalanta.

His successful career as a striker made it were signed for Valencia in Spain. He returned to Italy where he played for Lecce and Torino. At the end of the season 02-03, the team of his hometown, Livorno ascended to the second category. This would change the course of young Lucarelli, and he wanted to return to his native home, where he had never played. Livorno could not afford more than a modest salary, but Luca accepted, refusing million dollar deals. This fact is related in the book "Stay with millions".

In the season 03/04 Lucarelli was the scorer of the championship, achieving a miracle: winning the league and promotion to Serie A. Not only he won in Serie B, It was also the top scorer and was the team captain. Back in the top flight, with his goals, Feasting with the left fist raised, Leftist ensured that the team did not come down, something no one expected, also, qualified for the UEFA Cup. celebrations, also generated controversy, for example when he dedicated a goal to the daughter of Che Guevara, Aleida Guevara, in the San Siro and Silvio Berlusconi in the box.

Cristiano Lucarelli, el "Toro" Livorno.
Cristiano Lucarelli, the “Toro” Livorno.

When he getting his shirt wearing a face with Argentine revolutionary. He received the affection and sympathy of the whole city, Lucarelli as always it said left, working class, and it has come to support, even turning your pocket, charities and strikes by workers. Last season, the "Bou Livorno" as he was known in Valencia, He retired from football in Naples, winning the Italian Cup.

Paolo Di Canio, It has recently been sacked as coach of Sunderland. Former Lazio never hid his fascist ideology. As a player he was a brilliant player, Formed in Lazio he arrived in Juventus military, Naples or Milan, He had a successful career in the Premier League and returned to Rome to hang up his boots. There he made a number of shares that rose to the category of myth for the Lazio ultras. His admiration for Mussolini reaching DUX tattoo in his honor and commitment to the extreme right. His greeting with his arm stretched their fans turned the world.

Di Canio is a type of an ideology marked.
Di Canio is a type of an ideology marked.

Nonetheless, Di Canio, He tried to downplay their celebrations, also he claimed not to have voted for some 14 years because all politicians are out to steal. Despite their fascist conviction, He was not in favor of discrimination makeup. Despite his outstanding career, He never played with the Squadra Azzurri. Two myths Football, two ways of seeing life, so are Di Canio and Lucarelli. controversial, scorers and certainly have not left anyone indifferent, especially in Livorno and Rome, where they are idols and living history of their clubs.

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