Colgados interviews: With the creator of Points Comunio Ya

Colgados interviews: With the creator of Points Comunio Ya

Luis Pérez is the creator of "Puntos Comunio Ya", the blog that guides thousands of gamers in this popular game every week. This pacense, mattress stand of 32 years, He is based in Puebla de Zaragoza, two hours from Mexico DF. Today in Colgados we talk about football and Comunio with Luis Pérez.

hanging: Hello Luis, The first question that comes to mind is the following: What is a person from Badajoz doing in Mexico carrying a page about a football game in the Spanish League?

(Laughs) Basically a work project related to Online Poker with other Spaniards that did not go quite well ... And for personal reasons I ended up staying and loving this country.

hanging: What led you to create the blog "Puntos Comunio Ya"?

The need to generate income led me to create the blog, set up a website that would give me money to survive.

hanging: How many visits do you have? You were the pioneer but I understand that you have had competition.

I started in March 2012, create a blog, a simple idea to try, with zero expenses, in the first month I received 10.000 visits, much more than expected. With a first month in which I took only 6 euros in visits, I decided to contact more websites and advertise, Little by little, visits grew to reach more than a million impressions in December 2012.

C: Coming from a country with a high rate of youth unemployment, what would you say to a young? Can you live off the net?

You can try, we all have ingenuity and there are people who give to develop it and there are people who conform and disconnect it. I have many friends in Spain whose only idea is to work for a company. We know how the job market is, I would tell a young Spaniard to undertake and not be conformist.

C: What is the day to day life of Luis Pérez?

It's crazy, sometimes I watch three games at the same time, schedules overlap. Usually in a match, I'm with my notebook writing everything down, you have to get the points as soon as the game ends. Another issue is the 7 hours difference with Spain, sometimes the games are at 5 in the morning. Internet problems are also common in Mexico. The rest of the week I dedicate myself to controlling the market, especially injured and penalized players, following the newspapers. A parte, how not, to answer all the readers who ask me questions.

C: You are from Badajoz, the other day in hanging we did an article about Extremadura football, a shame what happened there, what probability do you see that we will see a club from Extremadura in the elite in the short or medium term?

Economically, Extremadura football is in a very precarious situation. I do not see in the short medium term a team in first class, but if maybe in the silver division.

C: You are from Atlético de Madrid, will you be happy? Do you think he can face Real Madrid and Barça until the end?

Creo que sí, Atlético has been playing European competitions for many years and finishing the season very strong, has a highly compensated staff, any of the players can be a starter. Oliver Torres is a great player and is on the bench, Diego can also arrive, from Wolfsburg, at the winter market. We have a great coach, a former player who knows the club perfectly. Simeone arrives at Atlético to make his lifelong club great again. He's like a father for the Athletics, the perfect coach. I would prefer Aguilera who has never trained than Carlo Ancelotti. The ex-player model is the best a team can have. Simeone or Guardiola are two examples of this.

C: What do you think of the Spanish League? Do you think it's the best league in the world?

No not at all. The television distribution model is unfair and damages the fact that a small team can compete with a large one, understanding Madrid and Barcelona as great. The Premier is the role model.

C: Since you live in Mexico and we have many readers in the Aztec country, what do you think of the Mexican League?? What is your favorite team?

I can't watch a lot of Mexican soccer because the blog doesn't leave me much time. I've seen Cruz Azul matches, America and Chivas, They are great teams but for now they need to play with less power and more intelligence. In Mexico "Xavis" is missing.

C: And the selection? Do you think it will be in Brazil 2014?

If I think it will be, not for his game, but i think it's superior to new zealand. If you play 2014 it's thanks to the US.

C: A top player in Real Sociedad and in the Comunio does not play with the Mexican team.What do you think of the controversy around Carlos Vela? What is said for Mexico?

It's a shame for football that Carlos Vela is not playing with his team, He is a player that you want to see in the World Cup. It seems that there is a personal problem between the federation and the player, I don't see Carlos Vela playing with the "Tricolor". The problem is not Carlos Vela, is in the game, a lot of precipitation. Mexico has very good players that they don't know how to take advantage of.

C: Talking about Comunio, what do you like most about Comunio?? What would you change the game?

A high percentage of players complain about Ace scores, I think that if the majority of consumers complain and Comunio does not consider listening to its users, is making a mistake. In the end, the one who knows the most about football will not win, but the one who knows the most about Comunio scores. Sometimes "Ace's spades" are far from reality.

For example: I can't understand why Víctor Valdés doesn't touch a single ball in a game and the As chroniclers score him with 6/10, that happened last season.

hanging: Who is the most profitable player price points in the game?

Keylor Navas is one of them, is worth 1´1 and has 48 points.

hanging: We know that the other day you wrote an article on your blog recommending the 11 most profitable game, In Colgados we are going to ask you to recommend us one player per position based on profitability.

Goalie: Keylor Navas. Defending: Edú Albacar del Elche. Means, medium: Bruno Soriano or Rakitic, last more expensive. Delantero: Messi assures you more than 300 points, is undoubtedly the best for Comunio, but if you don't have any money left, I recommend Pedrito.

C: We have been talking about sports programs in Spain on our Colgados website. What do you think of Spanish sports journalism?? Do you watch any programs?

Journalism has gained in terms of the level of journalists (Axel Torres, Maldini…) but he has lost his mind. Opinion has eaten up information. Sometimes I watch a program, if there are any special guests.

C: Do you read Colgados? What do you like the most about our website? We also accept constructive criticism ... (Laughs)

Colgados is a different page. It is appreciated that there are spaces like this. You read reports that you cannot read in other media. They come to mind for example, the one from Colombia that you wrote the other day, Andrés Montes, Chinese football or a curious one about stadiums bigger than their cities.

C: Who is going running out for you the best player in football history? And the best Spanish in history?

Diego Armando Maradona and Raúl González Blanco.

C: Finally we want you to get wet Who will win the league? And the Champions? Come on since we are the World Cup and the Aztec championship.

Liga, El FC Barcelona. The Champions my Atlético de Madrid. The World Cup will be for Argentina and the Mexican League, The america.

Thanks for everything Luis, good luck for the future. I hope you continue to inform all Comunio users and that you follow us promptly on Colgados.

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“Colgados is a different page. It is appreciated that there are spaces like this. You read reports that you cannot read in other media. They come to mind for example, the one from Colombia that you wrote the other day, Andrés Montes, Chinese football or a curious one about stadiums bigger than their cities.”

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