Interview with Viktor Rodríguez Álvarez

Entrevista a Vitaka Rodríguez

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Viktor Rodríguez Álvarez is one more than the Spanish players who have had to go outside our borders to keep living football. Native of Tenerife, to their 27 years and knows what is going through France or Greece. Since February is disputing the National Premier League (NPL), the second Australian division, where good performance has led him to sign for one of the biggest clubs in Melbourne, el Green Gully:
Question: Ante todo, you ask, Thank you for attending. How's the adventure in Australia?
Reply: The truth is that very happy, I have adapted very well both in football and personally and I am enjoying it to the maximum.
Question: You came in February down under to join FC Bendigo. How did the idea of ​​going to Australia?
Reply: It was an option that arrived late last year and really there was not much to think about as it was quite attractive in every way. Today I can say I am happy with the decision I made.
Vitaka Rodríguez con la zamarra del Bendigo. Foto: Livepixel
Viktor Rodríguez Álvarez with zamarra of the Bendigo. Foto: Live Pixel
Question: Was it hard to adapt?
Reply: En absoluto, I had a very good reception from my teammates and the coaching staff, They made me feel comfortable from the first moment. There was a large group of people in costumes.
Question: You just sign for Green Gully Cavaliers, one of the large sets of Melbourne. What do you know and expect from this team?
Reply: I know it's a club with a lot of history in Australian football and always makes an important role in the NPL. I come with great enthusiasm and eager to help the team.
Question: Say Melbourne is the second Athens, because among other things is the second city with more Greek inhabitants of the world. What can you tell us about this city?
Reply: Is a city that surprises you every day with something to show different. It has a strong European influence, It is true that there is a very large Greek community, but also Italian, china… It is quite multicultural. Además, this year has again been chosen as the city with the best quality of life of the world.
Question: What has most surprised you about Australia in these and ten-month stay?
Reply: In addition to Melbourne, I had the opportunity to visit other states and what has surprised me is the abundant natural wealth has and landscapes worthy to admire.
Question: If you had to define yourself as a player, How would you say is Vitaka? What are your strengths and not so strong?
Reply: I do not like defining myself but I'd say I'm a player who likes to have the ball and associate myself with my colleagues to create game. Those who know me say I'm a technical player with good ball left. On the other hand there are many things I would like to improve, as the air, especially in a league like Australia which is quite physical.
Question: Australia is not a country with great football tradition. Sin embargo, in recent years we have seen go through there to the likes of De Piero or Villa. How is Australian football? Will lives with enthusiasm?
Reply: The truth so I have had football in Australia has been experiencing a steady growth in recent years. The first division (Hyundai A-League) He broke the record of attendance of spectators this season, the participation of the Australian team in the World Cup in Brazil or the recent victory of the Western Sydney Wanderers in the final of Asian Champions League are the clear example.
Is a sport that is growing in popularity and increasingly closer to cricket, AFL (Australian Rules Football) and rugby have been preferred by Australians so far.
Question: Is there much playing Spanish National Premier League?
Reply: There are several Spanish players playing in the A-League but I know, a día de hoy, I'm the only Spanish representative in the NPL.
Question: If you had to recommend a young player leaving Spain, Would you recommend Australia, or would you say that at the moment Europe try?
Reply: That young man would say first that we must be very clear and be prepared mentally before taking the plunge. About where, I'll bet by the club to show greater confidence because it is a key factor to achieve success.
Question: You are best paid footballer Second in Spain or Australia?
Reply: I do not know how the situation in Spain now as there have been many changes in recent seasons in that respect.
Pese a su juventud Vitaka hace años que emigró para buscarse la vida en otros países.
Despite his youth Vitaka years who emigrated to make a living in other countries. Foto: Live Pixel.
Question: Finally two little questions, la primera, Would we like to know if the moment comes into your head back to Spain or the otherwise prefer to play in Australia or in any other corner of the planet?
Reply: I like living things on, for now I'll try to enjoy next season with Green Gully and when the time comes I'll decide the best choice based on my interests.
Question: And the second: Who you see champion and Champions League this year? (Mójate):
Reply: Real Madrid in the league and Champions would like to see a final Barcelona – Bayern Munich.
you ask, thank you very much for giving us your time and we hope that your journey through Australian lands go well.
Gracias a vosotros, It has been a pleasure. Greetings to all your readers.

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