Colgados interviews: We traveled to Greece to talk to José María Cases

Colgados interviews: We traveled to Greece to talk to José María Cases

José María Cases is a globetrotter football. With only 26 years, the oriolano is a veteran of the beautiful game. Cases have been player of the Villarreal, Granada CF, Valencia B, SD Éibar, Cadiz CF, Mirandes, CD Orihuela and Alcoyano, almost nothing. After a second round last season Alcoy, reaches the Superleague Greece where he is showing all its quality Panthrakikos F.C.

hanging: José María, first congratulate you on your good start to the season What exists in Greece?

Muy bien, the country is not very good but life is not very different from Spain.

C: Last year were one of the best players in the CD Alcoyano on loan from Granada Why did you decide to immigrate to Greece?

2ªB took time playing and this opportunity came, no lo dude. I think it's a step.

C: How have you been the subject of language?

I learn words I need to play, but we are a locker room where half the workforce is out, We speak English.

C: There are 31 Spaniards playing in the Greek Super League, in fact you play with Carlos Merino Have you any contact with a Spanish Greek Super League?

When confronted greet us in games, questions to all the team where we played. For example, the other day I was talking to Nano, I commented that he is very happy, It is also doing a great season for Panathinaikos.

C: Greece to the like Spain are two countries that are experiencing an economic crisis, you found substantial differences between one crisis and another?

It is that there are people who are not going good situation but the language is a barrier and do not usually watch the news.

C: What can you do in Komotini?

It is small and university town, There is a lot of movement. Lots of atmosphere, cafés, people living on the street. There is a part of the Turkish city, all very nice.

C: Greek fans are very noisy Will fill stadiums? How is the hobby of the Panthrakikos?

Sunday was impressive against Panathinaikos, a great atmosphere. We threw all, but here it is normal, non-stop parties. Next week we visit PAOK, and in three weeks leading Olympiakos, the field will be filled with fans of these teams. The fans of the Panthrakikos is not very large, usually they go to the field a 2.500 spectators.

C: major victory frente al Panathinaikos en el "Spyros Louisde Atenas. You did a great match, a dropped ball bat, a very active assistance and attacking moves. The team is European places near real aspirations What is the Panthrakikos?

Real aspiration is to remain, with a little luck we would with 6 o 7 points, we have drawn two games in the final minutes. We have PAOK at home and within 3 Olympiakos coming weeks, we'll see where we can get. We are very excited.

C: On a personal level you played 6 You matches and has scored two goals What do you expect of the season? Do you 'mark you a number of goals?

I do not set any figure, keep adding few minutes and score more goals best to help the team get as high as possible.

José María Cases debuted with a very good start its journey in Greece.
José María Cases debuted with a very good start its journey in Greece.

C: What do you see differences between Greek football and Spanish football?

Especially the level of the First Division is not comparable. Here there is 2 o 3 big (PAOK, Olympiacos y Panathinaikos), among others there is much equality. From the fourth to the 20 anything can happen. If you neglect a couple of days or three may find yourself in a very delicate situation.

C: Besides Cases, carpenter, Roberto ... and all Spaniards Will we could say three or four players to consider in Greek football?

I have not seen all the players, I like my classmates. For example, Niko Kazarios, 19 years, looks like it will play in a league of powerful. El número 7, Christos Tzanis has great quality. Jordao Diogo who also plays with us is a very interesting player. Another very good is Pape M'Bow, He has played in Marseille. Todos del Panthrakikos. It has also caught my attention, the number 10 of Panionios, Dimitris Kolovos, very young and very progression.

C: Draws attention to the number of shirts that you dress, I guess I will keep many memories of your former clubs What has been your best and worst experience throughout your career?

The worst experience when we lost the ascent with Cádiz. There were high hopes for this team. It was a team that was made to ascend. The marked rise not my way out of the club. Quine Pina managed Cadiz, to the amount not leave the club and went all donated by the Granada. That was the worst moment which means Cadiz and the great love of the Cadiz team. The best moment was definitely when I made my debut with Villarreal in La Liga and the Spanish U17.

Cadiz is one of the teams that has marked José María Cases.
Cadiz is one of the teams that has marked José María Cases.

C: You were a member of one of the best under-17 teams that had Spain, players like Silva, Fábregas, Sisi, Jury or Javi García What memories do you keep your stage in the selection?

Lovely, a year that started with the pre-European, European and world. I played very well especially in Europe Portugal, 2nd being top scorer in the tournament (Cases marked 3 goals) behind David Rodríguez. A shame not beat Portugal in the final. It was a great experience, unforgettable.

C: You're a player who has been injured. Recently Sisi was injured in the match Osasuna-FC Barcelona. Kike Mateo another player as the star signing of the Orihuela also send them a message Want?

Luckily I have not had cruciate injury, Sisi has been very unlucky and Kike is a veteran. He charged them much encouragement to both, to be strong. That you leave.

C: You come from a family living football in a special way, your two brothers have been footballers What values ​​you have transmitted from your family?

Especially sacrifice and work that is most important. No matter how good you are need those two things, but also greatly it influences the fate.

C: We know you have a special fondness for the Orihuela CF What do you see chances of promotion is achieved at 2ªB?

Yes it still by Twitter, the thing does not look good but there is time to change the situation, enter playoff is an aspiration and if you can finish the league in the first position will have a chance to climb. I send a lot of encouragement, Orihuela CF is a club which I appreciate and which I would like to return to play before finishing my career.

Cases went through various clubs of Valencia, including Orihuela.
Cases went through various clubs of Valencia, including Orihuela.

C: Who was your best coach or you remember most fondly?

Benito Floro made me debut in First Division, there were many young people in the squad and he was very aware of all young people. On the other hand, Asier Garitano is a coach who has marked me much, I like the way you work. I have here in Greece Nikos Matzouranis, the language is more difficult, by gestures, We spoke with understandable words, but I think a good coach.

C: The best player you've played it…

To play, I played very little but Juan Roman Riquelme is the best player, makes football easy Diego Forlan also.

C: We cracking of sports programs in Spain on our website Colgados What do you think of the Spanish sports journalism? Do you watch any programs?

I do not see any kind "Punto Pelota" or programs and, look like "Save me" of football. It is what sells, the discussions, but if you make is why there will be people who like. All I hear is "Game time" Cope or sometimes programs like "Carousel". I'm more radio TV.

C: Do you read Colgados? What do you think of our website??

I have not had much time here in Greece, but what little I've seen seems very interesting to me. There are interesting topics for discussion.

C: Who is going running out for you the best player in football history? And the best Spanish in history?

Messi es, is the player who most have seen, certainly the most decisive, although I admire Zidane, It is the most elegant way to drive the ball. In Spain, definitely, Raul Gonzalez Blanco for his career both Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

C: Finally we want to get wet and give us forecasts to win the league, the Champions, World and the Greek Super League.

Liga: I would like the win Atletico Madrid, albeit Real Madrid. Maybe then change something in the TV cast. Also change slightly.

Champions: The Real Madrid squad is a serious candidate. Arsenal are playing well but hopefully the Madrid.

world: I would like to republish Spain-Brazil final and win the Confederations and.

Greek Super League: El Olympiacos, by workforce, It is well above the rest, but the leader PAOK and change would not hurt the Superliga will.

Thank you very much José María, We hope you have good luck in Greece and above all in good health, injuries respect you and make a great season at Panthrakikos. Our best wishes from "Hanged".

Koldo Sandoval

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