Do you know Pape Diop?

Do you know Pape Diop?

Pape Diop is a total midfielder. The Levante-Real Madrid hangover leaves us the confirmation of a player we have been following since his time at Nastic de Tarragona. Fortunately, not only from Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Real Madrid and Barça live football. Neither football nor the Spanish League despite what many want to sell. As in Hanging for football we are that, some hung, We have created this section where we will introduce you to some of the best footballers of the moment, They are from the League that they are.

Having said that, Do you know Pape Diop?. If the answer is no, we are going to present it to you. Papakouly Diop is an international midfielder for Senegal and born in 1986. He came in 2008 to Spain from French football. He did it to play for Nastic de Tarragona, in Second and stood out so much that at the end of that same season he was signed by Racing de Santander. In the Cantabrian group he remained from 2009 until 2012, when after the descent to Second of Racing, was signed at a bargain price by a Levante who at that time had just qualified for the Europa League. In the whole granota its growth has been total.

Diop Racing
Pape Diop stood out in Racing de Santander.

In his first season, he was one of the most outstanding players in the Granota team., forming a rocky tandem with many lungs with Vicente Iborra. After leaving this, the Senegalese has gained more prominence if possible. Olympiakos wanted to sign him near the end of the market but Levante, After selling Iborra, he could not allow it and referred the Greeks to the termination clause of the player who amounts to 10 millions of euros.

Their contest for the granotas is so fundamental that it is said that Joaquín Caparrós threatened to resign if they also sold Pape Diop, after the stick he suffered after the sale of Iborra, one of its basic pillars. Pape Diop is a powerful midfielder. With a powerful stride, waste km during matches. He seems to have a magnet to attract the ball and is one of the players who recovers the most balls. But Diop is not only that, not without technical quality. His good treatment of the ball, lets you play the ball and hang out with it, something that Levante appreciates. He does not lack a good shot either, as demonstrated last season and this season with a real goal against Almería.

Diop and Iborra
Pape Diop and Vicente Iborra formed a midfielder tandem of a very good level.

His only but is perhaps his fragility in the face of injuries. Last season, He ended up physically touched after a demanding season for Levante where the Valencian team competed in three competitions and Diop played practically every minute. In this season, despite having started playing and not being at 100 %, has become one of the best granotas players. Against Real Madrid, ate the Madrid midfield with the help of Simao Mate, a player who seems to be traced to Diop although with less talent.

By qualities and age, we can talk about an important player for the next few years. He has a contract in force with Levante until 2015 but surely the granota team will be rained again by offers for a player, whose growth seems to have not peaked. From Hanged for football, we will continue to observe its evolution.

Diop was fundamental for Levante last season.
Diop was fundamental for Levante last season.

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