The choice of Malta accuses Spain of haberles drugged in the rest of 12-1

The choice of Malta accuses Spain of haberles drugged in the rest of 12-1
After more than 35 years, The match Spain-Malta continues to speak (Photo: as)

The 12-1 of Spain against Malta, definitely, He made history. With this result, the Spanish national team failed to qualify for Euro him 1984, in which he reached and lost the final against France with the famous goal with error Platini Arconada. As well, After so many years, the party continues to self.

The program “Maldini fever” It has moved to Malta to interview the coach and some of the Maltese players who played that game. Scerri said the coach at half-time, which it was reached on a tight 3-1 for Spain, a man dressed in white entered the locker room and offered some lemons cut in half. After suckle, some players felt bad and then explained his poor performance in the second half, in which they fell into 9 goals.

Meanwhile, Demanuele, Malta captain and goalscorer of his team in the first half while confirming the release of his coach on the subject of lemons, accused the Spanish players being doped: “When I sucked those lemons, I was drunk, as if he had been up all night party”. The player, who claimed to be a bodybuilder brother he said: “The energy that had the Spaniards was out of the ordinary. I noticed that during the match them out a liquid acid mouth. That happens when you take steroids”.

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