The great mistakes of Peter Lim in Valencia

Los grandes errores de Peter Lim en el Valencia
Peter Lim has been at Valencia for many years and far from improving the club has gotten worse. FOTO:

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The thing is that it burns in Valencia CF with Peter Lim. When in 2014, A bombo and a platillo, Valencia Press, announced the arrival of the new messiah in the form of a billionaire tycoon embodied in the figure of a sixty-year-old from Singapore, few (o no) they could imagine that history could end up turning into a nightmare as it has been. And the bad thing is that the thing seems to go on for a long time and what is worse, and it comes from afar.

These are some of Peter Lim's big mistakes at Valencia

Remoteness with the fans: in so sentimental club like Valencia, It is very shocking that its board of directors was and is made up of Asian people who barely speak Spanish and that the owner of the club, conduct business thousands of km from Singapore, appearing rarely by Mestalla, giving an image of remoteness and leaving the club's image somewhat orphaned. Things go from bad to worse.

Sale of any player who stands: a billionaire tycoon came to Valencia for business it was clear, nobody would believe it came from “sentiment”. Sin embargo, en 3 Lim years and trusted people have sold virtually any player who has excelled. En 2016 He sold to André Gomes (35), Mustafi (41) and Alcacer (30) por más de 100 million euros and reached a mediocre level players we the improved. En 2015 He had sold Otamendi (45) and later Joao Cancelo.

A trend that continued to rise to the point of dismantling the Cup champion team in 2019 giving away Parejo and Coquelin and selling players like Rodrigo to Leeds United and Ferran Torres in 2020 al Manchester City. Something that continued with the sales of Soler and Guedes in the summer of 2022. However, the level of those who arrive is further and further away from those who leave and Valencia is impoverishing the team more and more.. And this in the end will cost you a serious scare. While in 2023 he's flirting with relegation.

Peter Lim
Peter Lim has been the owner of Valencia for many years and things have only gotten worse. FOTO:

Nula planning and sports structure: in step Lim Valencia, He has had as coach: Nuno, Neville, They Ayestarán, Prandelli, Marcelino, Celades, Xavi Gracia and Bordalás but without forgetting what in between, Voro has entered who is the one who has ended up eating the problem. Mr. Lobo of Valencia seems locked in a loop for the last few years. Like the club with Lim. But it seems that even Voro himself has thrown in the towel on the eighth time he has had to put order.

He has also had several sporting directors. Upon arrival were Rufete and Ayala who had done a remarkable job and were replaced by Garcia Pitarch who eventually resigned under pressure. Then Alexanco and Corona passed. until Kempes, club ambassador has been fired for telling it like it is.

Excess role of Mendes in all operations: it seems that the billionaire and media Portuguese agent is Valencia sporting director. The vast majority of transactions made by the Valencia Lim bear his signature. Some notorious fiascos and billionaires.

economic injection is not seen anywhere: Valencia's budget has been going down steps along with its classification in the League table. He has been outside Europe more times and in the middle of the table than in European competition since Lim has been. On debt accounts are not clear and the New Mestalla, It remains an increasingly dilapidated structure undated construction and no signs that things will change in years.

Murthy the final shot: and in case there was little, the figure of Anil Murthy ended up blowing things up in Valencia in the face of terrible management. The audios of Lim's employee taken by the Superdeporte newspaper unmasked the plans of a Valencia 'Low Cost’ for the next few years, far from the possible successes of yesteryear. A plan that has continued to be fulfilled even if Murthy was used as a scapegoat and Lay Hoon returned.

errores de Peter Lim
Anil Murthy has finished exploding the boiler that is Valencia CF. FOTO: Twitter

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