The great mistakes of Peter Lim in Valencia

The great mistakes of Peter Lim in Valencia
Peter Lim has not met anywhere near expectations arrival. Photo: Valencia sports

When trumpeted, Valencia Press, He announced the arrival of the new messiah in the form of multillonario magnate embodied in the figure of Peter Lim, few (o no) They could imagine that the story could end up turning into a nightmare as well has been. And the bad thing is that the thing looks set for long and what it is but, and it comes from afar. These are some of the great mistakes of Peter Lim in Valencia.

Remoteness with the fans: in so sentimental club like Valencia, that collides much that its board is made up of Asian people who just speak Spanish and club owner, conduct business thousands of km from Singapore, appearing rarely by Mestalla, giving an image of remoteness and leaving some club orphan image. It goes from bad to worse and it seems that nothing happens.

Lim does not seem El Salvador and the Messiah that many wanted to sell. Amadeo Salvo has even come up blast.

Sale of any player who stands: a billionaire tycoon came to Valencia for business it was clear, nobody would believe it came from “sentiment”. But nevertheless, in 3 Lim years and trusted people have sold virtually any player who has excelled. In 2016 He sold to André Gomes (35), Mustafi (41) and Alcacer (30) for more than 100 million euros and reached a mediocre level players we the improved. In 2015 He had sold Otamendi (45). The gates will close. However, the level is far from reaching those who are increasingly impoverishing the team.

Nula planning and sports structure: in step Lim Valencia, three years, He has had as coach: Nuno, Neville, They Ayestarán, Prandelli and in between, at Voro it is who has finished eating problem. He has also had several sporting directors. Upon arrival were Rufete and Ayala who had done a remarkable job and were replaced by Garcia Pitarch who eventually resigned under pressure. The school principal, Alexanco, It is in charge of the sports management. until Kempes, club ambassador has been fired for saying things as they are.

Kempes and Layhoon. They were different times. Photo: Superdeporte

Excess role of Mendes in all operations: it seems that the billionaire and media Portuguese agent is Valencia sporting director. The vast majority of transactions made by the Valencia Lim bear his signature. Some notorious fiascos and billionaires.

economic injection is not seen anywhere: whether on paper Valencia is the fourth budget of the League yet, the template takes away from it results the last two seasons, drop closer than anything else. Players overvalued by those who have overpaid. On debt accounts are not clear and the New Mestalla, It remains an increasingly dilapidated structure undated construction and no signs that things will change in years.

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