Football Host arrives to change the way of living football

Football Host arrives to change the way of living football
Football Host has come to change the way of living football. PHOTO: Football Host

Football Host It is the project that will change the way of living the king sport. Can you imagine living a real experience and with total security in The Bombonera during a Boca Juniors match? A Sevillian derby for example from another point of view or the game you can think of? Well, thanks to this platform, This is possible.

What is Football Host?

Soccer is not only the most practiced sport on the planet but it is also the one with the most fans and passions among other things, moves in the world. Thus, each experience is unique and unrepeatable in each stadium and part of the planet that is visited and that's where it comes in Football Host.

For them, to live a real experience, to understand passion, you must live a game with a local fan, who comes to the stadium every weekend to cheer on his team. With each of the rituals that are followed from beginning to end of the meeting and of course, in complete safety.

That is why it is a platform that connects all the followers of the soccer world with each other.. All the experiences that Football Host are offered by real fans of each team, thus guaranteeing unique inimitable experiences that cannot be copied. Their Football Hosts undertake to offer an original experience to each guest where we have already said, will prioritize security and where you invited, You will enjoy the game as if you were a local fan.

What is it about this special platform?

Pre-match experience: tu host, It will take you to the most emblematic places that he usually visits before the meeting where you will make the pre-match with other local fans.

Experience during the match: the host will provide you with tickets so that you can live with him and the fans around him the experience of the match as it is lived every weekend that the team plays at home.

Post-match experience: when the game is over, the host can advise you what to visit in the city, take you to dinner or return you to your hotel. Each offers their own experience, so you just have to choose the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Definitely Football Host It is an innovative project to connect true soccer fans. What are you waiting for to choose your experience?? Get more information at footballhost

football host
Live soccer in another country like a crazy fan with Football Host. PHOTO: Football Host
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