Large jeered Mestalla

Los grandes abucheados de Mestalla

Last update 19 September, 2015 by Alberto Llopis

Mestalla has fired his team Nuno shouting and go but the thing pilla not new as the day of submission of Valencia 2015/16, Valencia's parish and let him know his coach were not happy with him or forms that had been treated certain issues such as emblems output as Ayala, Rufete or Salvo own.

Nor does he much like the idea that the Portuguese has taken over parcels of the club that did not correspond to him or that he is Mendes' protégé, agent players and that seems to have emerged as the owner in the shade behind Peter Lim. And if that was not enough, when Kempes, idol, myth and icon valencianismo said how little he liked this situation, Nuno did not hesitate to reply to one of the people more say it could have the parish of Mestalla.

Unaware the Portuguese finished tightening the noose that fans have hung him. The draw of the day 4 against a Betis with one less and the poor start to the season seems to have exploded all at Mestalla. But Portuguese is not the first to receive the heartbreak of a fairly demanding tier.

Hector Cuper's own, the only coach who has managed to take Valencia to the Champions League final twice in a row and over, He suffered in their own flesh the wrath of Mestalla when things did not go. Also some emblematic presidents like Arturo Tuzón or Jaume Ortí were booed at some point Mestalla. Others who remembers less fondly as Paco Roig, also he suffered boos from the valencianista tier.

The season 2013/14 It started badly and ended fatal only made up for that semifinal where Valencia was seconds to enter the final of the Europa League until a cruel goal in the last minute M'Bia sent to the canvas Valencia. Valencia that year started badly with some results as 0-3 against Swansea in Mestalla and caused another monumental anger and his team for Djuckic. Quique Flores was another who suffered boos from Mestalla in his stage Valencia coach.

Unai Emery stuck for years at Valencia in the Champions League as third and second only to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Nuno more merits for good long, also suffered at times discontent Mestalla. No doubt these are just a few examples, There are some more but demonstrate the need for a hobby that when he feels his team gives everything are the most loyal in the world but if they see that this lack, They are the first to punish those responsible and as always, the public has the right or not…¿Tú que opinas?

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