Falcao's Colombia vs Valderrama

Falcao's Colombia vs Valderrama

Colombia will about World 16 years later. Yesterday's draw against Chile combined three goals, certifies Colombian pass to the finals of a World. From Colgados we ask a question Is it better the team currently led by Falcao who led Carlos Valderrama in the early 90?

It was in 1962 when the "coffee" qualified for their first World Cup, but it was not until 1990 when Colombian football was at the world elite. In the 90s, Colombia was able to play 3 consecutive world, 1990, 1994 y 1998 in which was the golden age of national team. The team was led by a player special hairstyle, Carlos Valderrama, that marked an era in the South American Football. Hoy, 16 years later, Colombia will enjoy a world of other hairy hand, more modern and better player than all of them, Radamel Falcao.

He “Tigre” Falcao Colombia will lead to the next World Cup in Brazil 2014.

In the World Cup Italy 1990, Colombia garnered his best result in a World Cup by reaching the second round he lost to Cameroon. A defensive forgetfulness allowed Roger Milla eliminate all yellow. It was the best World Cup for an African team to date, bad luck for Colombians. In that team highlighted the own Valderrama, as well as a very young Rene Higuita and Andres Escobar, both they had 23 years.

He also played the leading scorer in Colombia, Arnoldo Iguaran, con 25 goals in 68 official matches. This team had a special, except Escobar playing in Switzerland and Valderrama in France, all components belonging to Colombian clubs, most of them Millonarios, Atlético Nacional the America of Cali.

In USA 94 the expectation was enormous. The deed of 1990 It led to the mass exodus of Colombian players to Europe. players like Aristizabal, who played among others in the great Blackburn Rovers Allan Shearer and was one of the worst signings in the history of Valencia. Asprilla also highlighted, Parma Italian. Faustino was one of the best gunners Calcio. Another of the most representative players Adolfo was the "train" Valencia, former Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich among others, considered a member of the great generation of players alongside Rene Higuita, Carlos Valderrama, Leonel Alvarez and Freddy Rincon, the latter one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid.

as mentioned, great expectation was created around the "coffee" in 1994. But the World Cup USA booked a bitter and tragic end. After removal of Colombia in the first phase, footballer Andres Escobar was killed in a nightclub in Medellin after a heated argument with a fan, Muñoz Castro, who fired on Colombian defender killing him. Till the date, This has been one of the major tragedies of world football. Apparently his death was related to an issue of sports betting.

Andres Escobar, when an own goal is death
This own goal cost the lives Andres Escobar.

In France 98' Colombia he crossed with one of his betes noires, Romania. TUNISIA winning gambled everything on one card with England. A goal from David Beckham ended the illusion of "coffee" that could not overcome the first phase. The selection was pretty much the same who came to the US, Valderrama is the only player to play more world country with the "Yellow Fever". Since then a long drought has left Colombia out of the rankings for World, to Brazil 2014.

Valderrama is the only Colombian who has played three World.
Valderrama is the only Colombian who has played three World.

At the World Cup in Brazil 2014, Colombia is presented with a team in which most of their key players are playing in Europe. Certainly stands Falcao, second top scorer of the "coffee" with 21 targets in 50 parties and one of the best strikers in the world today. Radamel is well accompanied in attack, valencianista players like Pabon, his companion MONACO, James Rodriguez, or Porto striker, Jackson Martinez are guaranteed up.

Guarin also, The Inter is one of the fixed. On the other hand, Colombia has a lot of muscle in midfield with Carlos Sanchez of Elche and Abel Aguilar. On defense, Yepes 37 years and Perea 34 put the experience while Zapata, Milan defender, forcefulness. Definitely a very serious armed and equipment that must be taken into account in Brazil.

There are many differences between Carlos Valderrama who led Colombia and currently leads Radamel the "Tiger" Falcao. From Colgados we propose the following question Do you think Colombia will surpass the ceiling of the second round? We, from Spain, We think so.

Colombia has high hopes for his national team.
Colombia has high hopes for his national team.

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