The highest paid soccer players in the Mexican League

The highest paid soccer players in the Mexican League

Who they are the highest paid players in the Mexican League?. European football cup to the best players from around the world among other things, because the richest teams in the world are, those who can pay and sign the best talent from side to side of the globe. However, Mexico, It has emerged in recent years as a place where many players, hurry their last legs as a professional and also a place to find young players with some poryección. These are the ten highest paid players.

1.- Roque Santa Cruz: Paraguay, he arrived from Malaga to reinforce Cruz Azul. His salary is not bad, 2,6 millions of dollars.

2.- Oribe Peralta: the front of the Mexican and American nor wrong paid a salary of 2,5 millions of dollars.

3.- Darwin Quintero: Colombian and Mexican passport with the American player also receives about 1,8 millions of dollars, a tab negligible.

4.- Ronaldinho: the brazilian, it was at one time the world's best, hurries his last years as a professional in Mexico. It does not free, con 1,8 millions of dollars, is the highest-paid team long.

5.- angel Reyna: another Mexican international sneaks into the list. Chivas player is the fifth in the list with a record of around 1,7 millions of dollars.

6.- Jesus Crown: Cruz Azul goalkeeper and the Mexican national team is one of the highest paid players 1,6 millions of dollars.

7.- Marco Fabian : Chivas with international 1,5 millions , It is in the top ten of the best paid in the Liga MX.

8.- Paulo da Silva: Paraguayan veteran footballer Toluca also has a bad salary in the Liga MX, 1,2 millions of dollars.

9.- Dorlan Pabon: after a not good experience in Spanish Valencia, Pabon returned to Monterrey who had left to prove in Europe. Con 1,2 millions, es uno de los 10 better paid.

10.- Mauro Boselli: Argentine Leon closes the list 1,1 millions of dollars, el cual, it is not a bad salary.

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