The best German players ever

The best German players ever
Oliver Kahn is one of the best German footballers in history. PHOTO:

Who are the Best German players ever? Football is a sport played eleven against eleven and in which the Germans always win. Gary Lineker once said one of the most used to describe the German football phrases. A truth as a temple which refers to a country capable of winning 4 world, 3 Eurocopas, Olympic Games and other major titles not a few more minor.

As power at the highest level, its long history has left us countless talented footballers. Precisely, in those players we focus today on Colgados for football, in the best German players of all time. That is our proposal within the complicated and subjective it may be the choice.

The best German players ever

Franz Beckenbauer: one of the greatest of all time. A defensive midfielder, a central, one Libero rule throughout surprised the world by not only perform defensive duties, but also creation. It was not enough for the Kaiser to destroy the rival attack, I had to get the ball playing, initiating the move. His charisma is beyond rule, as his character with that image with the arm in a sling as a truer picture of his spirit. 103 international matches, 50 of them as captain, He won a World, 1 Euro, 4 Bundesliga, 4 German Cups and three Champions. The best defense that has ever existed.

Lothar Matthäus: an eternal man, the player who more times defended the German shirt with a total of 150 appearances, many of them in five World, absolute record of a player in final stages. And it is that Terminator could play in any position except goalkeeper. It started as a defensive midfielder, It ended up being a perfect defense. A globetrotter who won the World 90, the European Championship 80 and two UEFA Cups, one with Inter and one with Bayern, two teams of his career. ” It is the best opponent that I have faced throughout my career, I think that is enough to define”. The definition is Maradona, almost nothing to the apparatus.

Gerd Müller: Torpedo marked 68 many for Germany Y 365 in his career in the Bundesliga. A phenomenon, one of a kind, seven times top scorer in the German championship only had one goal: the opposing goal. A full-fledged He won the The World 74 being top scorer, four league titles, four cups of Germany, three European Cups and one Cup Winners Cup, plus an Intercontinental. A myth and one of the 9 largest in history. Died in 2021.

Fritz Walter: the passage of time should not obscure one of the first Germans to excel throughout the world footballing spectrum. A sublime playmaker with a great sense of goal and great vision of the game thanks to a more refined technique. A man who could speak well on rainy days, like the famous Miracle of Bern, where was one of the architects of the comeback against Hungary and the first German title in a World.

Uwe Seeler: on your resume just contains a league title with Hamburg, the club he loves and where he developed his career with 518 parties and 416 many. The selection could not win a major title, but instead it has the honor of being the only one to have scored alongside Pele goals in four different world. And is that Uwe had it all. Intuition, auction, and a dash of genius that separates the good from the best. In fact, It is one of four honorary captains of the selection along with Walter, Beckenbauer y Matthew, which speaks of its enormous dimension.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. A myth that won the European Championship 80 and was a finalist in the World 82 Y 86. Twice Golden Ball, Bayern Munich and the selection had in years 80 fortunate to have one of the best strikers in the decade. Talent, fortress, genius and much goal. It was that and more Rummenigge. So good that even dedicated a song.

Oliver Kahn. Outside series between the sticks. With 557 goalkeeper games is that most times put gloves in Bundesliga. Best player World 2002 (it was the first time a goalkeeper), won 8 Bayern league with five Cups plus a European Cup and UEFA. It was safe, sober, He scared by the image of seriousness and strength transmitting both teammates and rivals. It became 803 minutes without conceding a bit. One of the best German players ever.

Andrea Brehme: the ambidextrous best player of all time. The man who gave the victory to Germany in the final of Italy 90 and one of the protagonists of German victory in the Euro 1996. Their careers on the left side were memorable, as well as their ability to sacrifice and their continued support both defensive and offensive work.

Jürgen Klinsmann. One of the great icons of German football in the years 90 he played 108 with the German and scored zamarra 47 goals. It was a technical marvel, but all did fairly well, especially, Score goals, his specialty. He won the World Cup 1990 and Euro 1996 plus a Bundesliga.

Miroslav Klose. The top scorer in the history of Germany 71 goals. Opportunistically as the most, He scored five goals in a match with Lazio, Is the top scorer in World Cup history with 16 many. It is on merit, one of the best German players ever.

Other of the best soccer players in the history of Germany

Mathias Summer, Rudy Full, Sepp Meier, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Ballack, Jürgen Kholer, Paul Breitner, Andreas Möller, Toni Kroos, Manuel Neuer..

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  1. Hello. Two facts that I think are wrong.
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    Second, Muller is appointed as top scorer in the Bundesliga (365) and when they talk about Seeler they say marked 416, which no data is correct.
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