Why Haaland chose Manchester City?

Why Haaland chose Manchester City?
Erling Haaland, brand new signing of Manchester City (Sports Bible)

It's now official. Erling Haaland will be player of Manchester City the next seasons. Set citizen thus puts the icing on the cake of a more than ambitious project with a single objective: Conquer the Champions League.

Desde luego, el equipo de Pep Guardiola has everything to achieve it. Juventud, talent, quality and, now, gol. There are many lists of best online casinos, the teams with the most titles in the world and Erling Haaland heads, without a doubt, the list of the best attackers in European football, called to be the best of the next decade.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester United… there were many who tried to sign the norwegian striker. However, Haaland he had his choice clear for a long time. Su llegada al Manchester City it was an open secret for several months.

Several issues come into play here.. De nuevo, just as they exist list of new casinos, there are also emerging teams considered 'nouveau riche'. He Manchester City one he PSG are two clear examples. The English have managed to incorporate the Norwegian upon payment of 60 million euros to his current club, el Borussia Dortmund. An operation that seems like a real 'bargain'.

Eso sí, the norwegian striker will be, very possibly, the highest paid footballer in a squad full of stars. It talks about some 20 million euros per year for which, obviously, money has been one of the important issues for Haaland decide on the t-shirt skyblue.

However, There are other reasons that have led the Nordic striker to sign for City. His father, Alf-Inge Haaland, He also wore the light blue shirt. In fact, suffered a very hard challenge by Roy Keane that caused him a serious injury in a derby against United. It could be one of the reasons why now, años después, Haaland has decided to be part of the team that will dominate Manchester football for several years. A kind of 'revenge'.

Alf-Inge Haaland and su etapa en el Manchester City (DEPOSI)

Time will tell if Erling was right with his decision. What is clear is that, if everything goes as expected, he Manchester City He is the great favorite to dominate the Premier League and win the occasional Champions League in the coming years. Desde luego, Erling Haaland is the best weapon to achieve it.


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