Levante's big mistakes that have led to relegation

Levante's big mistakes that have led to relegation
Quico Catalán no supo ver los errores que vienen de largo y llevan al Levante a Segunda. PHOTO: Captura @LevanteUD

They asked him from the microphones of Movistar Plus a Quico Catalan tras el traumático descenso del Levante firmado con una humillante actuación en el Bernabéu sobre¿qué se había hecho mal?”. La respuesta del máximo dirigente granota contenía entre otras cosas un “I do not know”. However, all those who follow the Valencian team and its environment have and were clear about some of the errors that have led Levante to a relegation that was not expected due to the quality and level of a squad that was never required to the limit of your chances.

Levante's big mistakes that send it to Second

27 partidos sin ganar y la nula capacidad para detectar un cambio de ciclo

Levante beat the record of games without winning in the history of LaLiga. And it is that he joined the last 8 days of the season 2020-21 with the entire first round of the 2021-22. A total of 27 matches. And it is that since De Frutos gave him the victory in Eibar the 10 April 2021 and Levante was closer to Europe than anything else, the granota team got 11 draws, 16 defeats and 0 victorias. Since April 2021 to January 2022 It said soon. Although the fall already came after losing the semifinals of the Copa del Rey against Athletic in extra time at the beginning of March 2021.

And there it was committed one of the great mistakes of Quico Catalán and his leadership, could not detect the decrease of a project and the accommodation and exhaustion of the cycle of many soccer players and of the own Paco Lopez who should have left with honors 30 June of that year after several seasons full of success and not on the day 8 of the following season, when I already accumulated 16 games in a row without winning.

Paco's stage had come to an end. It was seen coming seeing the evolution of the team. The tactical errors were repeated year after year, but they were not corrected either at a technical level in the field or at the level of changing parts and reinforcements in the offices. nobody did anything, players with different profiles were not signed, there were no exits, everything was ok. That was said in the summer of 2021 cuando los datos y las sensaciones ya reflejaban lo contrario. Todos estaban demasiado acomodados. The objective was achieved with the minimum, no more was needed.

Levante mistakes
Paco López at a Levante press conference. PHOTO: @LevanteUD

Players with European competition team salaries, acomodados y sin exigencia

Levante began to sign long-term contracts and enormous economic amounts to players like Campaña (whose salary would correspond to that of a European competition team footballer) and a long etcetera of soccer players whose performance was constantly decreasing.

Surely because of them, but also by the direction of the club, sports management and the coaching staff that were allowing an excessive accommodation, a relaxation and a confidence that staying in first with the minimum was left over and that led to vices and a detachment that have led Levante to Second. And it is that they all lived very calmly with little demand and self-criticism, y ganaban mucho dinero. But the disaster was coming.

Bring Manolo Salvador back after the descent of 2016

Like now, when Levante seemed settled in First, He descended on 2016 having even played in Europe. So, Quico Catalán decided to remove the eternal technical secretary / sports director Granota. The sentence was clear Manolo ha dejado de ser Manolo. then it came Tito, changed the way of working and Levante rose in 2017 barely a year after downloading and several months in advance.

In 2019 after a season in which some of the defects that have led this team to Second and after an agonizing salvation began to be seen, Catalán decided that it was time for Tito's departure and decided to bring back to everyone's surprise a Manolo Salvador that one way or another, has had his signature on the 4 Levante relegated to Second in recent 17 years.

Levante mistakes
Levante brought Manolo Salvador back in 2019 after the descent of 2016. PHOTO: Twitter @LevanteUD

Salvador's final clincher was the signing of Javi pereira, a coach with experience as second coach in teams like Levante itself but with little or none as first sword and who, to make matters worse, was in China and with a valid contract. That was the finishing touch of a disastrous management but not the only one that signed it and that is that starting with the board and continuing with the coaching staff and players, they have killed a project in which no one knew or wanted to make the leap in quality when they had everything to do it. Once again.

There was only one person up to the task and that was the Levante fans, the same one that will continue next year in Second despite the unfortunate mistakes of all those who have been able to make decisions in the club.

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