Bookmaker Football: Should we expect more surprises in the knockout stages of the Champions?

Casa de apuestas de fútbol: ¿debemos esperar más sorpresas en los octavos de final de la Champions?
¿Habrán sorpresas en los octavos de final de la Champions? FOTO: FCB NEWS

Last update 16 January, 2020 por Alberto Llopis

Among the results of football in recent years we have come across a few that have been a big surprise for clubs and their fans. Can it be that we have already left behind the days when the big teams dominated the landscape? Is it possible that this trend will also occur in the knockout stages of the Champions League?

This international tournament organized every year by UEFA is one of the most prestigious worldwide and is broadcast in more than 200 countries. That's why, it is expected that all bookmakers offer highly competitive rates on countless markets for all matches of the tournament. If you're looking for the best home football betting, en you'll find the best odds, bonus deals and other promotions in Spain.

The group stage of Champions held in September 2019 We left several surprises: eight games played, in which a clear winner was expected, They had a totally unexpected result, as Valencia's victory over Chelsea. In the three remaining teams faced a similar level and experience more.

Equally, in recent years we have witnessed numerous results of football matches of the same competition have left us with open mouth: en el 2017, FC Barcelona surprised us in the party and popularly known as the comeback with the 6-1 in the second leg against Paris Saint-Germain; en el 2018, the Barcelona, protagonist again, this time for a resounding defeat in the quarter-final against Roma.

That's why, with the second round just around the corner -arrancan in February 2020-, We are wondering: Are they making these results a new trend in football matches the Champions League? The most surprised are betting, which normally set their fees based on the statistics and who is the favorite of the party.

While the discussion about whether this trend will end up becoming a rule in the Champions League is still hot, the truth is that we can not deny that they are no longer the big clubs who dominate nor the tournament or qualifying. A few years ago the League was a competition that Real Madrid He had won three consecutive years; en total, Only this club has won 13 years and has come 16 at the end.

Sin embargo, and last season, large teams were eliminated and did not reach even the quarter-finals: the real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern did not go beyond the second round, just the phase that will begin now. Can it be that this year the situation will repeat itself and we have a champion among the least favorite teams, as Valencia C. F. or Atalanta?

It is precisely cases like these that gives confidence increasingly small teams. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? First of all, It could refer to a psychological motivation. If you already have happened once with other teams, Why could not repeat again? Equally, an innovative tactic to take advantage of the weaknesses of the known strategies of the biggest teams can make a stunning victory.

Despite all of the above, betting football not give up and see the results of these matches as surprising as something passenger, judging by the fees offered: still see the same big clubs as masters of the competition and as more potential winners. El Manchester City, FC Barcelona and Liverpool are the teams that occupy the talks when speaking of favorites. Por esta misma razón, because football betting refuse to modify their quotas, these parties with such unprecedented results are key for bettors and can make a substantial profit.

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