The goal of the lame, the Spanish picaresque also in football

The goal of the lame, the Spanish picaresque also in football

Surely more than one of you have heard of the goal lame but how many know what it is? He World Cup 1970 It was the first in history on several things, one in seeing a substitution, at least officially for FIFA because in countries like England and for some time he was doing and Spain, They allowed to change the goalkeeper in case of injury. But until then, during decades, he played football without power for a substitution. What if a player was injured? because that was in the field doing bulk.

The goal of the lame, more of Spanish picaresque

This was the theory because as always, picaresque situations often exceeds. While ever someone was damaging and ended with team one up doing bulk, He was born the famous play of the goal lame. That goal that supposedly injured player just getting to the surprise of all. The idea was clear, a player feigning an injury and was riding with his coach Paripe who commanded a band section.

The player fought a ball, He is heeling on one side of the field and he limped out of the game completely looking. This caused unheeded and so any dead-ball, reject any or any game action pro, Of course the lame appeared to leave open-mouthed rival and put the ball in the cage. To this was called “The goal of Cojo” and as, in Spanish football after the war became a regular play, a resource in the game.

With the arrival of the three changes and modern football he was missing this trick though in 80-90 you could still see regularly in the regional categories of Spanish football in those fields where land so far from the usual artificial turf, real battles are played with Mikasa balls.

Raul left Real Madrid in the same place where he made his debut and scoring a goal lame

In 2010, Raul played his last game with Real Madrid at La Romareda where he had just played his first game as Real Madrid. He “7” blanco, It was injured and when it was preparing to be replaced, aHe will benefit a play to score a goal lame who was also the last of the many who scored on his time as a player of Real Madrid. Action mixed with epic picaresque.

Raul scored the lame
Raul celebrated his last goal with Cristiano with Real Madrid. Was a “goal lame”. PHOTO: AS

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