Betis 1- Barcelona 2: Messi has supera Müller

Last update 10 December, 2012 por Julio Muñoz

Falcao's defeat of Deportivo and the triumph of Real Madrid in extremis made a victory necessary for Barça, that in a week he will face Atlético and wants to spend Christmas in peace.

The good news for the Blaugrana is that Messi's injury was a scare and he was able to be under the orders of Tito Vilanova from the beginning. Además, Betis already knows what it's like to surprise against one of the greats like they did a few days ago against Madrid.

Sin embargo, The Argentine had another challenge before him: score one more goal to equal Müller, a football myth. And he didn't wait long to get it. In the minute 15 of party, Messi became the player who has scored the most goals in a year, thus equaling Müller. But for the Argentine it was not enough…and ten minutes later, goal again from Messi to break the record. Xavi did not want to be left out of the party and attempted a whiplash from afar, that Adrián masterfully stopped.

Barça breathed calmly… until Betis' goal came in the minute 39. Ruben Castro, who was left alone against Víctor Valdés left open a match that the Blaugrana already considered won.

The second half started very intense with hunger for a goal on both sides.. In the minute 50, Barça got a big scare when they saw how the ball stayed on the goal line. Rubén Castro tried to finish, but his collision with Víctor Valdés left him lying on the ground. Once again the club allied itself with the Blaugrana in the minute 70, which could have been Mascherano's own goal.

Ten minutes later it was the crossbar that prevented Betis from scoring. Pozuelo shot, that Valdés would have swallowed. Two minutes later again, the crossbar was the protagonist of the match, but this time in favor of the Beticos. Barça sent two shots to the post and the score remained unchanged. A crazy game.

The last minutes had a Barça color with a clear chance for Adriano, who threw a left-footed shot that Adrián caught.

Julio Muñoz

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