Levante 2-Hannover 96 2: Granotas pull the race to get the tie

Interesting duel that was presented in Orriols, the Levantine temple. With both teams already classified but with the leadership of the group at stake, the duel between Levante and Hannover was more than interesting, 600.000 euros and the possibility of being seeded in the draw were attractive more than enough to enjoy the game that was seen in Orriols.

The numerous and spirited German fans that filled the visiting stands and the desire to celebrate the excellent season on the part of the granotas also helped. Levante formed with plan B, usual in Europa League but with some headlines in the eleven, Someone who can't be on Sunday like Pape Diop.

The first part, was clearly dominated by the German team, Although the first occasion was going to be for Michel who was going to stay hand in hand with the goalkeeper of the German team who was going to disrupt the opportunity of the Valencian. In the minute 18, Lars Stindl was going to score Hannover's first goal.

On a ball behind Nikos Karampelas, and after a clearance attempt by Hector Rodas,the ball was going to fall at will to beat Keylos Navas point-blank. In it 26, Ya Konan, he was going to sneak between the two central granotas and with a spectacular vaseline he was going to beat the goal “Tico”.

With the 0-2, the granotas seemed dead and the fans too, while spirited German fans celebrated their team's momentary victory. Germans, Aided by the disastrous arbitration, they were going to pull ex officio and bad arts to stop the game with constant losses of time and theater.

Before finishing the first part, Keylor Navas was going to save the 0-3 with a spectacular stop to a shot from Ya Konan that was going to deflect the crossbar and that would have ended the game if that ball had entered. With this background, the second part did not present anything hopeful for the whole of JIM.

But the second part everything was going to change, during the seconds 45 minutes the Levant was going to eat the Germans. With caste, honor, breed and also quality, values ​​of this team, Hannover was going to end up bottled in his area. Soon the granota change was going to be seen, when the minute 4 of the second part, Angel was going to solve a ruckus in the area to make the 1-2.

The departure of Barkero and Juanlu, they were going to help the granota reaction that was going to live its best moments. When Levante brings together the talent of Michel and Barkero on the field, Levante is another team with the ball at its feet.

Michel precisely, He was going to have the best chance of the match after a memorable pass to Barkero's hole that was going to leave Michel and Juanlu alone, The Valencian was going to prefer to finish the play and instead of giving the ball to his partner he was going to masterfully cut defense and goalkeeper, but his shot was going to crash into the face of the goalkeeper who was already practically beaten on the ground.

Levante continued to overwhelm the Germans who continued to stop the game, with the help of a referee who was not at the level required in a Europa League referee, too permissive before the constant rudeness of the German team that with the score in their favor, They tried to scratch the clock as long as possible.

Al final, in discount minutes, with all the Levante overturned, Keylor Navas went up to finish off a corner, arriving to launch a spectacular Chilean that if he had managed to connect, it would have been the goal of the century, the play was going to end in the corner again after a shot from Juanlu. In the next corner and last play of the game, the well-deserved draw of Levante was going to arrive, when Iborra with a superb header was going to mark the final 2-2 and I was going to take the delirium to the stands, that despite the fact that the tie did not serve to pass as leaders, it did show again that the heart of this team is something extraordinary in these times.

Al final, tie, 100.00 euros more and go to the next round, something historic for this team that in its first European participation is shining. The public as we say, He ended up chanting the name of his team, recognizing values ​​that were lost a long time ago but that abound in this team and a lot. Can fall “fat” in the raffle, but let them tremble for having to come to see them with the granotas at the Ciutat, word of Ballesteros…
Data sheet

2 – Levante: Keylor Navas, Pedro Lopez, Rodas, David Navarro, Nikos Karabelas, Iborra, Diop (It Pallardó, m.74), El Zhar (Juanlu, m.59), Michel, Ruben Garcia (Barkero, m.59) and Angel.

2 – Hannover: Zieler, Sakai, Haggui, Schulz, Rausch, Schmiedebach, Pinto, Stindl (Nikci, m.39), Huszti (Cherundolo, m.71), Ya Konan (Abdellaoue, m.89) and Diouf.

Referee: Alexander Dan Toru (RUM). He showed a yellow card to the local El Zhar, and to the visitors Rausch, Pinto, Schulz, Diouf y Nikci.

Goals: 0-1, m.18: Stindl. 0-2, m.28: Ya Konan. 1-2, m.49: Ángel. 2-2, m.93: Iborra.

incidences: match of the last day of the Europa League group stage played at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium against 14.220 viewers with a presence of something more than 2.000 german fans.

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